The Application Process and Questions

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Anonymous in San Diego, California

42 months ago

The application process is EXTREMELY LONG (1 hour to complete an application that will have to be redone in 3-6 months!!!). Supposedly the information is saved - but you have to do complete the same form all over again, and again and provide information (employer, education, etc.) that should already be in the system. The renewal process shoul be limited to presenting the information on file and asking the candidate if any revisions need to be made, period. Why is it that the company does not ask for feedback on the application process and candidate satisfaction wit it. After all of the questions the company asks (please read the next paragraph), it should be told this information!

After you finish this LONG process, you find out that you have only completed Step 1!! Then comes the survey for "allegedly" Tax Credits; the questions are EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE and even offensive - why is it important to know if one is single? Beware of what you disclose here. At least, in California, this intrusion will come to an end January 1, 2012 - Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill prohibiting this type of intrusion. Many prospective employer use this "credit" information to screen out candidates who may have sustained a "hit" due to economic times and associated hardship.

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marisol-NO? in Hemet, California

42 months ago

Which job are you referring to??

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Anonymous in San Diego, California

42 months ago

I am referring to ANY administrative/clerical support position with ResCare. I could see a reason for all those intrusive and offensive questions about prison records, being out on bail, etc. if you were applying for a position as Home Companion, Live-In Assistant, etc. For an Administrative Assistant position working at an office?? Not justified. If the application process is moderated by an independent firm, ResCare ought to get rid of that company, handle its own screening process, and include questions about candidate satisfaction. It seems that the questionnaire is designed to find excuses for NOT even consideing you - much less hiring. This LOOONG questionnaire must occupy so much space in the computerized system that it could be the reason why applications are "dumped" after such a short period.

How many job searches could have been done in the ONE HOUR AND A HALF it takes to complete, or supposedly "update" your profile for a job with ResCare? I just "updated" my application/profile for the first time after completing the initial registration process 3-6 months ago, and I am mentally exhausted - - plus annoyed because I had to provide information that I entered into the system when I first applied/registered. To add insult to the injury, I bet the admin position for which I just applied and spent ONE HOUR AND A HALF doing pays no more than $12.00 per hour!

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Anonymous in Scottsdale, Arizona

30 months ago

ResCare uses an applicant system called Kronos. They paid an arm and a leg to have Kronos tailor their software to meet ResCare's needs, so it isn't going anywhere. Is it a good system? No. Is it convenient and easy for applicants to use? No. Does ResCare care? No. If you apply and get a job at ResCare, get used to doing extensive data entry and using these so-called "convenient" systems to do your work. They use ADP for payroll, a seperate system for scheduling, another system for billing, and Kronos for applicants, they also outsource all their employment verifications to an outside agency. By the time they pay for all their contracts with all these software developers, it has really cut into their profits. Anonymous from San Diego is right about the pay being low, I can tell you the wage in AZ for an Admin Assistant is $9/hour. Office Manager - $12. HR/Payroll Manager - 30k/yr. You would think that with the insultingly low wages, they might try to make up for it in the way they treat you, but they don't. There are few people working for ResCare that are genuinely good intelligent people. Most of them are lazy, mean, incompetent, rude and uncaring, just taking advantage of an easy job.

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tired of rchc b.s. in Lake Park, Georgia

25 months ago

ResCare has absolutely no intelligent leadership in South Georgia. The so called leaders are narrow minded when it comes to hiring aides and admin staff. the pay is below poverty level in all areas except for people in the office. the benefits are a joke. the systems they use are expensive and labor intense to use. the supervisors in the office don't have a clue with the exception of a few. the ones that do have a clue and treat the aides like human beings - they get rid of. the office calls you at the last minute and wants you to drive 50 miles to see a client and if you say no the on call person is rude and nasty to you and basically threatens you. The mission statement says respect and care make rescare. that is bull crap. senior management does not care.

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c_greene1 in Mission Viejo, California

18 months ago

Very timely process for application as RN. The survey after the application process seemed completely irrelevant to the job. Very personal question thought they had not need to know.

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yogeshdhruvil in India

10 months ago

it is really long process but easy

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7 months ago

I recently applied for a ResCare job with an agency they operate. It was for an administrative assistant position. It was very long and although i was saving the application all along i had lost my connection and needed to login. I thought my application would be saved but I had to do it all over and then after i finished it i didn't get a confirmation that it was submitted. Now looking back it wasn't worth even applying for the job, the company treated me very disrespectfully.

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