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Renren Matthews

Updated 1 day ago

RGIS Inventory Specialists Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 30 Replies

I work for the top district in the US. My starting pay was $8.00 as an Auditor but in three months it increase to $9.50 and I became a Specialist. If...


Updated 9 days ago

How to get a job at RGIS Inventory Specialists. - 31 Replies

[QUOTE who="Warren C. Majewski in Middletown, New Jersey"]Application for employment[/QUOTE] I like to work with all kids of people I enjoy doing...


Updated 28 days ago

Two Weeks Salary....LOL...Yeah, Right!! - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ashley in Baltimore, Maryland"]Hi does this job pay weekly?[/QUOTE] No it's biweekly


Updated 1 month ago

RGIS Work Ethics and Hours, ETc. .....A CROCK!!!!!!! - 42 Replies

I can attest that all of the above is true, as a long term manager, this was the expectations of upper mgmt.

Anonyboss in Albemarle, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

RGIS Inventory Specialists News and Happenings. - 59 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Frederick Sanders in Houston, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

RGIS - The good, the bad, the ugly - 9 Replies

I'll start... The Good: Being able to find someone who will hire me for a winter break. During the summer I would not work for them because most...

tt in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 14 months ago

What's the company culture at RGIS Inventory Specialists? - 10 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at RGIS Inventory Specialists? Are people dressed in business...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 18 months ago

part-time job that will work you harder than a full time job. - 1 Reply

Woke up at 2:30AM Arrived at meet site at 3:30AM Unpaid carpool to work-site by 4:30AM Wait for 30 minutes in morning darkness (unpaid) 5AM start...

Andy in Pasadena, California

Updated 23 months ago

rgis payday - 1 Reply

When does rgis deposit checks in our accounts

Natacha Hall in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 30 months ago

this job is not for everyone - 13 Replies

I have worked for the company for 8 years. Just like any company you have good and bad times. The people who are able to make it mainly have good...

Rich in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Updated 43 months ago

didn't get schedule? - 1 Reply

I did not receive my RGIS work schedule by email this week as I usually do. If any employees could tell me the action I need to take to get my...

Country in Helena, Montana

Updated 45 months ago

Scheduled for an Interview but I don't have a car. - 2 Replies

I have an interview with RGIS coming up, however I do not own a car. I heard read RGIS employees are required to use their own vehicles to travel to...

Unknown in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 52 months ago

FED UP WITH APH??? - 3 Replies

If you are a current or former employee of the "former" please inquire!

vikktorya in Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Updated 71 months ago

Drug Test? - 4 Replies

Does the Kansas City Branch drug test? Any of you who have worked at any other branch, when did they drug test? At your first interview? After...

RGSITL in New York

Updated 82 months ago

invertory retail - 3 Replies

I"m looking for a good job there in Chattanooga Tn. and RGIS are a good place to work,i"ve been told,and know.I"m a hard worker productwork all i"ve...

Devon Slavens in Lees Summit, Missouri

Will RGIS Hire Summer/Temporary Staff?

I just got contacted by email to schedule an interview. From reading the job descriptions on RGIS's website, it seems like they're looking for...

Seattle Mariner in Seattle, Washington

RGIS is declining in the inventory market?

According to Compete.com and Alexa.com, RGIS seemed losing some ground in the inventory niche based on internet rankings, website traffic, employment...

RGSITL in New York

RGIS W2 Issues

We've all been well aware of how RGIS handles their employees. I've heard rumors about how they have listed a certain number of employees, but only...

Pablo in Brooklyn, New York

Do you need a car to work at RGIS?

I have an interview in a few day as an inventory specialist? Do I need a vehicle for this position? Am I wasting my time?

RGSITL in New York

Updated 92 months ago

RGIS UK - better than RGIS US? - 3 Replies

Anyone here work for RGIS UK? I feel it is a fairly descent job to have as a student. Here in UK: Wage: £6.50 p/h Travel time: £5.50...

Rise in Perrysburg, Ohio


As a new and probably sucker for being RGIS auditor. I feel like I have been duped for falling for a trick. Recently I have called the district...

maximus_unus in Macon, Georgia

Updated 99 months ago

RGIS, Warner Robins Georgia - 1 Reply

Hi, I am curious to know if there is anyone on this forum that works for RGIS in Warner Robins, Georgia, district 132. If so, would you pleae tell...

Myrtle Lockett in Cleveland, Tennessee

inventory retail

I"m looking for a good job aplac where they have good befit.I"m 5 mile from Jersy Pipe,All my jobs been in Dalton Ga.where they had good befit.

Myrtle Lockett in Cleveland, Tennessee

inventory retail

I heard that RGIS were one of the best place to work,good befit,good health insurance everything are good,good pay.I live in Chattanooga Tn. not in...

Uptown in Upland, California

Updated 102 months ago

RGIS Auditors - 10 Replies

Are there any RGIS people out there from Riverside Co., West Covina, Upland - anywhere in San Bernardino Co. that have any coments, stories, etc....

darazan in Fresno, California

Updated 105 months ago

Just hired, travel for minors? - 3 Replies

I just got hired at RGIS. I'm 17, so this is just a job for extra cash. I'm just wondering how the overnight travel is. They said that almost all of...

ex rgis nd superviser in sun prairie, Wisconsin

Updated 105 months ago

Being Asked to Drive Employees to Job Sites In Your Own Car!!! - 23 Replies

Often, managers will ask employees to drive team members to job sites! You get paid maybe 30 cents per mile for driving...One time, my husband...

Uptown in Upland, California

Updated 105 months ago

Hiring family members? And some other questions - 6 Replies

Hey.. I have been reading everyones comments. But I am hoping that since: A - I already have a good full-time job and plan to do this only...

Smithly in California

District offices?

Hey, im doing research for a Business class and I'm wondering where RGIS' District offices are in California. any help would be great. thanks

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

why this guy got so much names

my ex dm edgardo torres use different names and i dont know why in court, in his life,even at some different clients too. example of all his...

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

need more information

send your requests to: ave titocastro 606,suite 131 rambla plaza, ponce,pr 00716 they love to hear from you...

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

need more information

send your requests to: ave titocastro 606,suite 131 rambla plaza, ponce,pr 00716 or estancias del golf calle wito morales 508,ponce,pr 00732

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

my real story about rgis llc part 2

in jcpenney hatillo july 15,2006 they put me more work than the ponce team and as always rgis d149 do mayaguez team(who i was part) were like the...

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

my real story about rgis llc

i was an army officer in ackland nC, i was able to work for rgis in puerto rico(im from hormigueros) and start for this shameful company in 2005. I...

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

my real story about rgis llc

i was an army officer in ackland nC, i was able to work for rgis in puerto rico(im from hormigueros) and start for this shameful company in 2005. I...

antiguapo in hormigueros, Puerto Rico

beware people rgis acted like the mob

this stupid company loves to hide in the shades and act secretly always conspire against its employees. My experience is very awful, they treat...

RGSITL in New York

Updated 108 months ago

Travel time and milage - 2 Replies

Does your time start at the store or are you paid travel time ? If you drive what about milage?

bob863 in Denver, Colorado

Updated 109 months ago

attitude is everything - 1 Reply

we all can make ANY job with ANY company either an unpleasant or unpleasant experience - the choice is totally the attitude/approach a person takes...

Kokish Raj Thapa in London, United Kingdom


Hi my name is kokish Raj Thapa. I am doing my A-LEVELS. I want to Work in RGIS as a part time worker. Thank You.

j in Fairfax, Virginia

Yea a great company? NOT!!!!

The cincy team DRAMA

Inventory Warrior in Dickson, Tennessee

Updated 115 months ago

RGIS Inventory Specialists Interview Questions. - 5 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Inventory Warrior in Dickson, Tennessee

Updated 115 months ago

The R is for Robot - 6 Replies

So I have worked here two days. Yes, just two. I'm already thinking of quitting. My first reason being, that the ad for the job said starting pay is...

revoltann in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 115 months ago

RGIS in Kansas City Mo - 1 Reply

Is this a good company to work for or not? Are they good to there employee's? I need a 40 houyrs a week overtime is fine will I get that? I have a...

Bronson in Los Angeles, California

Updated 116 months ago

looking for work - 1 Reply

i just got a call for an interview at rgis in columbia,tn can someone tell me a little bit about the company.thank you

justbeachin in Pensacola, Florida

Two Weeks Salary....LOL...Yeah, Right!!

My husband just got his final paycheck...He's found another job, Thank God!!!...He was only given about 8 hours of work for two weeks!!...Guess what...

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