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Updated 1 month ago

All Placement Agencies Are a JOKE!!!! - 89 Replies

[QUOTE who="AtExit8 in City, New Jersey"]That's because the temp agencies have 20-somethings doing the recruiting. They are clueless.[/QUOTE] Ver...


Robert Half Business Model & Organizational Chart

Can someone please break down the business model and organizational chart for Robert Half? I see that they have several different brands within the...


Updated 1 month ago

Very important post - Robert Half & Age Discrimination - 64 Replies

I totally agree. They discriminate on age. No doubt about it. I have other headhunters getting me interviews all around town. But not this...

Elizabeth Kim

Updated 1 month ago

This company is a joke - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="ex RHI in Arlington, Virginia"]as a 4 yr veteran of this organization, i can tell you that their business model is based on purely...

Elizabeth Kim

Robert Half Placement Agency- Don't Bother wasting your time and energy

I contacted and went in and met with Robert Half in Palo Alto. They "act" enthusiastically providing expectations they won't meet. I've since found...


Updated 2 months ago

Why does everyone let RHI get away with it. - 31 Replies

Robert Half / Accountemps called me to tell me about a potential job position which was temp-to-hire with UHG/UHC. I set up an interview with the...

Dianna in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

RH Waste of time - From RH Accounting Forum - 151 Replies

11 days ago Do yourself a favor & don't waste your time, liars, cheats, and very un-professional. All branches of RH treat their clients very...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 13 months ago

STUCK in staffing agency HELL as an Admin Ass't - 1 Reply

I've been working for staffing agencies since 2010 and would LOVE to break free of them. Unfortunately, I've not been getting calls from my resume...

depends in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 16 months ago

Here is How Robert Half Job Postings Work - 16 Replies

I use to work for Management Resources and they would have us write generic job postings. The actual job usually did not exist but they would write...

Dnelva in Boston, Massachusetts

RH says no interview needed. Immediate hire. Be careful folks. This no interview gig always turn around to bite you.

I swear this agency is full of BS. How in the world they got voted #1. In my case I received a call about a few months contract that the company is...

Greek from Samos in Winchester, Massachusetts

Updated 20 months ago

How to avoid Robert Half conversion rate - 1 Reply

I am so tired of being employed under Robert Half, Accountemps. I am glad they found me a temp job at a healthcare facility but I have worked here...

EndlessJoy in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 37 months ago

Working for RH is a nightmare - 12 Replies

Robert Half Finance & Accounting has a horrible reputation. Many former employees have started their own firms, and are taking market share left and...

Melcmuro in Naples, Florida

Updated 41 months ago

RHI in San Antonio - Shut this Fake Company Down - 1 Reply

The Robert Half and Accountemps division on IH-10 in San Antonio is absolutely the worst of the worst placement agencies. They post jobs that are...

David Flurkey in Golden, Colorado

Robert Half Company(The Creative Group) isn't real

Waste of time& space.. have no idea what purpose a fake placement agency serves!? What, except to show Artists& Creatives that the...

Dissolusioned in Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Updated 44 months ago

Create "false" job listing to attract professionals - 14 Replies

Every week they re-post the same alleged "dream job". For over a year the job has not been filled. They say the client is very picky, but the...

mastiff in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 47 months ago

Robert Half News and Happenings. - 147 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

dawn in Cape Coral, Florida

Updated 49 months ago

Fort Myers, FL Robert Half Office - 3 Replies

Anyone in SW Florida have any experiences that they could share in regards to dealing with the staff in the Fort Myers Robert Half office? Over the...

MEME0000 in greens, North Carolina

Updated 49 months ago

Don't take a job as a recruiter with RHI - 57 Replies

Especially in Tampa. Reasons why not..(feel free to add as much as you like, I am curious to see what anyone elses thoughts are) 1.The people...

MEME0000 in greens, North Carolina

Updated 49 months ago

How can I resign from Robert and Half? - 3 Replies

Hi, I guess I made a mistake, and don't know how I can get out of this. After 3 months tiresome job seeking, I went to the Robert and Half. While...

daves2023 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Updated 51 months ago

RHI does discriminate against the mature job seekers and they are not the only ones..... - 1 Reply

First off, several years ago I had a great experience with RHI in helping me land a temp to perm position that went well. I have been unemployed now...

Being_Honest in Clearwater, Florida

BayCare Health Systems - Morton Plant Mease -Tampa - Clearwater (caution don't work here or admit yourself as a patient)

Being in a role where financial reviews and compensation, in addition to meetings with Senior Management, I can tell you don't work at this...

Frankie in San Jose, California

Updated 63 months ago

Robert Half to take $11.4M charge for Settlement - 1 Reply

NEW YORK (AP) — Staffing firm Robert Half International Inc. said Friday that it will take a second-quarter after-tax charge of $11.4 million related...

Mike in Citrus Heights, California

RHI - Salaried Professional Program - Medical Benefits

I have an opportunity with RHI here in Sacramento where I would be working under their Salaried Professional Program (after 6 mos contract). From I...

mopacman in Austin, Texas

Updated 74 months ago

Austin TX Office - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any information to share about the Austin TX Robert Half office? I see that they have a position open for a recruiter on their...

Ohio IT Guy in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 77 months ago

Which Companies Does RHT Identifiy as its Main Competitors? - 1 Reply

As many of you are internal Ex-Halfers, I am wondering if you know the answer to the following question. Which companies does RHT identify as its...

OldandSad in Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Robert Half has lied to me time and time again!

I just want to say that the recruiters at Robert Half are the worst of the worst in the industry. I have been lied to time and time again by these...

reddog1959 in Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Don't do it! They are liars and they are the joke of the industry! - 2 Replies

They'll lure you in with oh our top producer makes 6 figures blah blah blah. What they won't tell you is that person has been there for 8 years and...

Previous OfficeTeam Employee in Monongahela, Pennsylvania

Robert Half International Lacks Professionalism

I was only a temp in a Robert Half office as an administrative assistant not a Staffing Manager. When I 1st started I really thought it was going to...

F.S. in Lynn, Massachusetts

Updated 92 months ago

Agencies in Boston - 4 Replies

I have just moved to Boston from the UK and I cannot believe how bad the recruitment agencies are here. After sending my CV off to about 15, I have...

ceramics8383 in State College, Pennsylvania

Updated 98 months ago

Worst Place in the World to work - 2 Replies

Robert Half is absolutely WITHOUT A DOUBT the worst place in the world to work. It is managed by unethical, heartless people that could care less...

Long Gone RHI in Lewes, Delaware

Updated 100 months ago

Heads are rolling! - 35 Replies

Congratulations to all that posted your experiences with this terrible organization. It appears that the geniuses in the corporate office missed a...

omni in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 100 months ago

Looking to Leave RHI? - 5 Replies

I am a recruiter for the Staffing Industry and I used to work for RHI for several years. I represent several terrific companies with outstanding...

John in Plano, Illinois

Updated 104 months ago

Age discrimination - 6 Replies

I truly believe that RHI discriminates according to age. I am in my 30s and very qualified to work in many situations. I took a few years off to...

socrgryl in Katy, Texas

Updated 108 months ago

My experience at Robert Half - 3 Replies

After spending over 3 years with RHI (a considerable amount of time by their standards) I can give you a very honest account of my experience with...

Former OT in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 110 months ago

It's ashame the way this company treats its own emplyees - 6 Replies

Please tell us about your experience if you have worked at Robert Half Technology. I worked at RHT in Greeville,SC for less than 3 years. During that...

joycevdb in Princeton, New Jersey

Updated 112 months ago

In defense of Robert Half International and Creative Group in Atlanta - 2 Replies

I've recently had my first experience with The Creative Group (Robert Half International) in Atlanta and I must say it has been a very positive...

Some Guy Man in New York, New York

Robert Half, Ledgent, Kforce, Spherion, AccountantsInc ++

I HATE STAFFING FIRMS BUT SINCE I'M A LOSER I HAVE TO USE THEM. LOL, i punched a recruiter at ledgent once because he pissed me off. Felt good.

Tony George in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 113 months ago

Military supporter? - 1 Reply

The USERRA requires companies to allow those in the Reserve or National Guard off for active duty, but it is up to the company whether to continue...

Peter72 in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 114 months ago

Robert Half International Video - 1 Reply

Robert Half International Video Profile

calisg in Laguna Hills, California

Updated 115 months ago

Los Angeles Market - 1 Reply

R.H.I. cares more about the branding of its name than its employee's. The turnover is ridiculous to the point where management cares more about...

Annie1004 in San Mateo, California

Updated 116 months ago

Robert Half - 34 Replies

How do they make any money. They never seem to place anyone. I have never heard of anyone getting a job through Robert Half. Don't waste your...

formerTopGun in Tampa, Florida

Updated 117 months ago

MR Group in Tampa for RHI - 1 Reply

Looking at a potential position with this company. What are the pro's and Con's of working for the MR group in Tampa

Bareman in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 117 months ago

What's the company culture at Robert Half? - 11 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Robert Half? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Nation in Tampa, Florida

MR Group in Tamap for RHI

Looking at a potential position with this company. What are the pro's and Con's of working for the MR group in Tampa

Sulynn in New Hampshire

Office Team's Not Paying Employees for Hours Worked. Has this happened to anyone else?

I am still waiting to be paid for work I performed before the holiday. First they told me I'd be paid today, now someone else is telling me I won't...


Do Not Bother with New York City Office

I have never meet with so much bull...., do not waste your time with this agency they offer nothing. All these comments it seems say the same...

what? in Tampa, Florida

Updated 122 months ago

RHI - How do they get the clients? - 4 Replies

If RHI is such an awful company, how do they remain in business? If I understand it right, the business model goes like this: Get People: 1....

X in Pleasanton, California

Updated 122 months ago

Robert Half "Ethics First" policy is a joke!!! - 1 Reply

It has recently been brought to my attention that a Senior level employee at Robert Half was discovered to have been falsely presenting herself as a...

Buckwheat in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 122 months ago

The mofia has better deals! - 9 Replies

RHI or RHT takes about a 34% commission from your pay. That means they seriously screw over your contratee and you. I may be entry level, but I was...

Carie In Sacramento, CA

Updated 122 months ago

How to get a job at Robert Half. - 12 Replies

Do you work at Robert Half? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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