It's ashame the way this company treats its own emplyees

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Former Rober Half employee in Greenville, South Carolina

103 months ago

Please tell us about your experience if you have worked at Robert Half Technology. I worked at RHT in Greeville,SC for less than 3 years. During that time I saw over 20 people come and go for different reasons.Just putting up the numbers isn't good enough. If they bring in a new manager and they don't like you or wish to bring in other people you are gone. This companies upper level management is nothing but recruiters. They spend all day inteviewing candidates to take the place of all the people they run off or treat like crap and fire. WHY WOULD ANY COMPANY USE THEM? THEY CANT EVEN KEEP THE INTERNAL EMPLOYEES THEY HAVE. Robert half management why dont you treat people with respect and how you would expect to be treated. You don't just bring in new people and let them treat everyone like crap and run everyone off.
More and more businesses in Greenville realize each day thet Robert Half Technolgy and the other divisions are bad news. Greenville IT departments pick a recruiting company to work with that doesnt have to give you a different sales rep every time you turn around like RHT. This is a company whose culture doesnt concern itself with fairness and treating its internal employees with respect.If you work at Rober Half and have been there over 1 year your days are numbered and if you are a business in Greenville working with a Rober Half sales rep that has been helping you over 1 year its only a matter a time before they will be assigning you someone new because they have run that person off.

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Former Halfer who knows this guy... in Pleasanton, California

103 months ago

The Gentleman who has posted this feels he was mistreated when a new manager came in and did not accept the poor numbers that were the norm here. Since this poster's departure, Robert Half Technology's hours have doubled, and their quality ratings have gone up. I don't believe that this is by chance. Robert Half has extremely high standards and this job is not for everyone. The quality people that do fit the mold stay and do well. I could not disagree more with the statement above, and the posting itself speaks to the character of the poster... Someone who never wants to take responsibility for his own actions.

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Wow in Lansing, Michigan

103 months ago

Interesting that your posting is from the same place as Robert Half's Headquaters. I think you are just damage control and spin.

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Josie in Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

103 months ago

Robert Half is pretty well known to be the WORST of all the legal placement companies. I have been in the Legal field for many years, and I can't think of one person who has had a positive experience with Robert Half. i was once placed by them and would NEVER refer anyone to use their services. Their own turnover is horrible. Whomever you deal with when you first meet with them is no longer there a few weeks later. They don't return your phone calls, they have no idea what they are doing. They are rude and worthless. How they manage to stay in business with such a horrible reputation is still a mystery to me.

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Randy Khan 3rd gen USA in Alexandria, Virginia

94 months ago

I just read your comment. I have been given a generous retirement buy-out from my current company but they wish to keep my employment at the 2009. I have been working within the IT Field for 27 years.
The Posting you wrote.
Is this an isolated case in North Carolina? Or are they just another IT body shop which treats one with disrespect and sends them off to another geographical location whether one wishes it or not, family or no family?
I need to know because the recruiters whom I'm working with, knows I come from a prominent Government agency in Washington DC and I DO NOT want to be placed on the "Mantle" from their success or commission...such as "Ahh look whom we've got, another trophy on the Mantle.”
I prefer to mention no references only at their request, but they insist on "current" managers who know me, not former employers etc. which of course since I have at then end of the year before I retire would not reveal. I would compromise my position for the remaining 7 months.

I need to know if I should tell them "I'm not interested and wish to work the remaining year." Afterwards at 2009 I retire.

on a scale of one to ten, ten being they are whom they portray themselves or a one they are just another belt-way bandit group inside the beltway head hunters looking for IT people like just me to make a commission.

Let me know,
Randy khan

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Anonymous Halfer in US

93 months ago

See here for my post as an RHI employee:

And by the way, everyone, when you post about RHI, Pleasanton is the default location- that doesn't mean the poster is necessarily in CA or part of the corporate office.

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Former OT in Greenville, South Carolina

90 months ago

I'm pretty sure I know who started this post as I worked in the same office for over a year as well. I hate that RHI continues to use the same business model on its internal employees- churn and burn. Maybe if they took the time to really invest in their employees, this would eventually translate into a higher bottom line for them. As it stands right now, RHI has virtually no grip in Upstate SC. Continual turnover of staff in addition to basically pricing themselves out of the marketplace has quickly taken them from key player to non existent. And it warms my heart everytime I hear it.

Looking at the timestamp from the original posting, I'd say you're out of your non-compete now. If I were you, I'd be skipping to FGP with my resume. =)

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