Robert Half International Lacks Professionalism

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Previous OfficeTeam Employee in Monongahela, Pennsylvania

86 months ago

I was only a temp in a Robert Half office as an administrative assistant not a Staffing Manager. When I 1st started I really thought it was going to be a good company to work for and never thought twice about looking up information on the internet(I wish I did). I thoroughly enjoy seeing everyone's horrible comments about Robert Half because they are generally true especially the fact that they simply do not care about the people that come in they care about profits and most of these idiots are accountants who clearly know nothing about making profits and making people actually want to work for them.
-I do not even know where to begin.. The office setting is highly unprofessional. As soon as candidates would come in they were scrutinized by anyone who seen them(Similar to high school).
--The people that work there and stay there (I've seen many people quit)believe that their job is the best thing and have no problem wasting other people's time for their benefit. Now granted some of the candidates that come in are extremely under qualified but you will get that anywhere.
-- My main point is Robert Half is horrible to work for. When I am at work, I am at work.. I'm not there to make after work drinking friends or make fun of the shoes that someone wore to an interview. No one does anything about the hostile work environment they create by their gossip and rumors which is a huge HR issue. I have never been more appalled by people 5+ years older than me people who clearly have nothing better to do than print people's resumes out and make fun of them. I am honestly embarrassed that degraded myself by working for them and wouldn't want anyone else to do they same.

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