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ChiEng in Chicago, Illinois

55 months ago

I would like to get insight from people who were interviewed by Rockwell Collins and what happened after the interview and their say on my experience

So I applied online for an entry-level software engineer position based in CR with the aircraft applications department, after a month I got a phone call from the hiring manager asking me some basic questions about my education, then after another month I was contacted by HR to organize my trip to CR IOWA, I had a whole day interview with 2 teams, the questions were behavioral, only three technical questions about C
What's your most complicated use of pointers ?
-> pointer of a function for changing the handler of a signal in the structure sigaction
What's the difference between a void pointer and a null pointer ?
-> a void pointer can be cast to another type, the null pointer can't be
what's the difference between Semaphore and Mutex ?
-> semaphore can be used for synch+mutual exclusion, Mutex only of mutual exclusion.
Those were my answers, I was taken for lunch by three managers and they told me that I will hear from them back in the next couple weeks.
For the record I have 2 masters degrees in ECE and Telecoms eng, and a 4-months software engineering internship.
I'm foreign national and I speak french as second language.

Can someone from his experience predict what could be the outcome of the interview ?


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