Who to Believe?

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lilyj in Baltimore, Maryland

75 months ago

There is a lot of conflicting data on Rothstein Kass. They seem to win a lot of awards and they are regarded as a top 5 accounting firm according to the Vault. They aren't the Big Four but the information sessions I went to, events my friends and I have attended, and the articles I have read all seem positive. Then you log onto the forums and the blogs and it's all negative comments about layoffs, low morale, and tight budgets.

Is all this internet chatter just disgruntled employees unhappy with the recession? Or is there something more to these rants?

Who do we believe?

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They are shady in Budd Lake, New Jersey

59 months ago

I work there now and can verify that there are partners who are super racist I know the partner they are referring to and he is a pig. He talks about how big women's breast are and only wants hit girls on his accounts. This firm uses you until they get another idea and then they move on to the next thing dangled in their face. They have ADD BIG TIME. Management went to zappos and wanted to be just like them. What a joke. The partners in fs audit and tax are all about money and are backstabbing even to each other. Only the cs and fog people care about their people. Incompetence in management is seriously out of control. Best place to work, my a$$. Core values are a joke. They work people to the bone and discard them. People will be fired so the head guy can buy a new Porsche. Run away from this place. Far far away. I am still employed there, so I am not a disgruntled employee, I have recently been promoted and make good money. Luckily I am a man or I would have been fired a long time ago. I make too much money for a female. Trust me it is a boys club there.

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