What's the company culture at Rothstein Kass?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Rothstein Kass?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Rothstein Kass?

greymelwhore in Millburn, New Jersey

131 months ago

This firm pretends like it has a great corporate culture, but they don't. Last year, they introduced this really bogus program, BALANCED. It is supposed to be an acronym for something, but no one knows what it means. During my time there, no one was able to explain what it was- even the person who created. He said it is a philosophy- in reality- it was just fluff that they expected everyone to buy into.

The firm is not diverse at all. They have no asians or hispanics in the partner ranks. They have one black partner that runs the grand cayman office but stateside there are no people of color.

In the end, the only people who mean something there are the principals. They really don't care about the people who do the work that brings in revenues. Its not a happy place. They throw their people under the bus whatever chance they can get. The firms leadership is not loyal to its people. They do not care how long and hard you work - if they dont think they need you - they fire you. Immediately after tax season, this firm is notorious for firing tax staff after busy season. The week following tax season is usually a bloodbath. All tax staff are on edge and hope they won't be fired. Even if you are a good tax accountant - if one principal doesn't like you, you can get the axe without warning. Watch out for that!

Ex-RK NY in Lodi, New Jersey

129 months ago

Watch out for this company! They say one thing and do another. The BALANCED philosophy is for the birds. No one has any idea what it means, including those who created it. It's a real shame that the people running the show are so clueless. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of RK.

spponer in North Jersey, New Jersey

122 months ago

They do a good job with firm culture, you give a lot, but in return you get a lot. They have casual or "dress down" Fridays now, Happy Hours, and a few other perks.

JoeAuditor in Los Angeles, California

110 months ago

Be very careful if you are considering working here - it is not a "normal" accounting firm. Thye like to trot out the statistics about how they are the number "X" firm in the top 25 or 50 in some category (#1 financial services hedge fund firm operating in Beverly Hills, etc.). In addition to the normal turnover you have in public accounting firms there is a high degree of management turnover - the BH office lost 2 partners this year, out of only 6 or 7. Senior managers will tell you on the side that the Firm is paranoid and very secretive, while the HR Director in NJ will tel you everything is completely transparent. If they let you go (everything is performance-related, even though it may clearly be otherwise) you will not get any severance, nor will they return any personal files that may have been on the computer. Policy, they say with a straight face, even though you'll put in 12-15 hours 5 or 6 months of the year and need to take care of some personal correspondence during business hours. You're simply screwed. Culture inside the office can be as noisy as a locker room; most client serving staff work out of RK offices, not client offics, so you'll be much more crowded than at other firms. If you're not in the 23 - 30 age group you're going to be excluded from many activities here, unless you consider "RockStar" competitions exciting. Working until 1AM many evenings? Too bad, you are stil expected in at 9AM regardless. If you don't fit in with the wierd social milieu here you're going to find it difficult - management is mean towards employees that don't suck up to their efforts to harmonize the "team". Never mind the "teams" are separate - financial vs. commercial services. Different work requirements, different levels of competence. However the Schmucks in NJ want to impress a "1 Firm, 1 Floor" philosophy, and work to make sure that the color schemes in the Los Angeles offices match those in NJ. Arranging deck chairs.....

Stranger in Dallas, Texas

106 months ago

This is by far the worst place to work. The managers, HR even the principal do not understand the work environment. They play favorites among the people who work there and if they dont like they will make life a living hell for you. If you are not capable of sucking up to the managers and principals, you will be fired.

Anti RK in Fort Collins, Colorado

106 months ago

What amazes me about this place is, they say as a public accounting firm "all they have is ethics". Yet, when I was recently involved in the lay offs, there was not an ethical thing about it. No severance, no notice, and no legitimate reason given. The culture is awful and is the exact opposite of what is portrayed to from top management and HR.

CuriousAuditor in Beverly Hills, California

91 months ago

Researching the top 20 CPA firms in LA, this firm stands out as without question having the most negative comments (most don't have any.) From reading the comments here, the common theme is a culture of do as I say as opposed to do as I do, which makes sense why there is so much hate, anger, and backstabbing at this firm. Many blame senior management for this, but senior management gets blamed for everything. There must be a bully or two in there and I firmly believe these creeps should be personally called out so people in the firm and office know where the land mines lie and those subjected to it know they weren't the only ones. I'm curious, who are they? Use initials please.

Honest Truth in Freehold, New Jersey

74 months ago

Don't listen to what these people have to say. The only people who don't like RK is the typical accountants. You know, those drone, no-personality, stick to the rulebook nerds. The rumors you hear about layoffs are not true. RK has the culture of not being a dork. Go to E&Y if you want that. Typical 20-30 year olds typically work there. Listen to all different types of music, most are big into sports, and to partners youre a name, not an employee ID...do yourself a favor and apply

They are shady in Budd Lake, New Jersey

57 months ago

The people telling you the truth are the ones telling u to stay away. Backstabbing doesn't describe it. It's amazing that they make money in spite of the stupid decisions they make. They lie to their people and you cannot trust top management. The younger partners in fs are the most cut throat. They will screw you and each other. I had one who said he was my friend, I confided in him and all of the sudden everyone knew my personal issues.

Sick and tired in Englishtown, New Jersey

57 months ago

The people telling you to say away are the knee who suck at their job and get fired because they suck at their job. All you have to do is not suck at your job.

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