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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does RR Donnelley stack up against the competition?

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stripey vase in Logan, Utah

66 months ago

RRD is a printing company. They print everything from magazines and books (Harry Potter!) to phone bills and bank statements. Use of e-books, e-bills/paperless online billing, and other digital forms of formerly paper products is growing. As the things RRD used to print disappear or the volume of such things shrinks, RR Donnelley obviously loses business. I think they'll survive, because I don't believe books and magazines will disappear altogether (Harry Potter!), but I do not see how they can thrive or grow unless they get into services other than printing.

At the plant where I worked we printed, inserted into envelopes, and mailed bills, financial statements, insurance information--every kind of bill or statement you can receive via snail mail every month. I believe this area of the company will survive as well because there are always going to be people who want physical, paper bills and statements every month, but considering the impetus companies direct at their customers right now to "Go paperless/Go green" and "Take advantage of easy online billing" (in other words: "Save us the cost of paying RRD to print and mail your bills every month!") it is not surprising that during the 5-6 years I worked at RRD (ending in 2010), work volume dropped off A LOT, drastically fewer temps and employees were required to do the work, and the sales staff was really scrambling to try to find business to replace or add volume to make up for what was being lost.

When I started you couldn't find a parking space in the plant parking lot if you weren't early; when I quit the parking lot was never even one third full.

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