SAIC Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at SAIC?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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John in Hampton, Virginia

112 months ago

Most of my prequalifying has been accomplished via emails back and forth. They have been cordial enough. However, once that I answered my experience with electronics were more relatied to aviation equipment rather than shipboard Navy equipment, the replies suddenly stopped. I'm not surprised they posted this job again since they are really specific on who they are looking for.

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Mblake in San Diego, California

110 months ago

No preparaton necessary, this is not a dress rehearsal for a play in order to remember your lines.I suggest always being yourself along with advising them of your skills. I recently interviewed with SAIC. The interviewer was upfront and honest advising me of internal applicants were priority over external. Although not chosen for the 2nd round, I was advised by telephone of the decision to hire from within, (this tells me there is room for growth within the organization) yet to check the website for other positions, report the req number to the recruiter I'm working with.

The interviewer Sr. VP also told me she was very impressed with me and this is something she has never done in a 1st interview and that I would hear from someone on what decision was being made. This is based on her being in the sme situation and recieving a call from those she had interviewed with.

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Mblake in San Diego, California

110 months ago

Here Here

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xinuan in Newtonville, Massachusetts

98 months ago

SAIC is a purveyor of your skills and ability to the government. You might get lucky and interview with someone that really knows his/her stuff but more often it is HR verifying the facts on your vitae against a list of qualifiers required by the government. Here is where it is helpful to say "Yes".
Chances are you will never meet the COTR/Government Contract Officer, you will just step into your new position with the expectation on everyones part that you are the "exact right person" for the job. Keep saying "Yes" At some point in time the contract will end or the assignment will change and a different skillset will be requested. Be polite when they show you the door and remember that SAIC is not the destination it's only a way station. Happy Journeying!!

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93 months ago

Interview Was Fair & to the point

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sissy in Independence, Missouri

91 months ago

My interview with the hiring manager and supervisor was the most bizarre I've ever had in my 20 year professional career.

At my level, I am accustomed to getting asked at least 5 to 10 questions per person during an interview. With 2 people interviewing me at the same time, I would have expected anywhere from 10 to 20 questions. These guys only asked me 3! And they weren't that deep. In addition, the supervisor gave me the impression that he did not want to be in the interview at all. Very quiet and withdrawn. This led me to believe that either 1 of 3 factors were in play:

1. They already had their minds made up about who they were going to hire and were just going through the motions.


2. They wanted ME to drive the interview.


3. They were completely put off by my appearance. (I was well groomed and dressed professionally just as they were)

No hard feelings here. If number 1 above was truly in play (and I think it was), I just wish they had chosen instead to just do a phone interview. Would have saved me some gas money! The supervisor could have at least performed better and acted like he was somewhat interested in my qualifications.

Good luck to the rest of you trying to get on at SAIC. I had heard from a colleague of mine who worked their briefly that the good ol' boy network is in full effect. She couldn't take it anymore after a few months and resigned. Nevertheless, I still was open to giving this a shot.

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