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scrit in Omaha, Nebraska

83 months ago

I'm fresh out of the military - was a linguist

I've been offered a job at SAIC in Bethesda MD for a position as a Geospatial Analyst. The salary is in the high 70s.

I've also been offered a job with another large consulting firm - Booz Allen Hamilton. This job is in Mississippi and involves curriculum preparation for new troops flying on a new platform. The salary is in the high 60s.

I'm really torn. Just from the interview process, BAH seems like a much better company. I interviewed with 5 different people who told me all about different aspects of the company and what my role would be, etc. etc. With SAIC, I interviewed over the phone with one person and was offered the job the next day. That makes me think it may just be a throw away job that they need to fill a position to get $$ from the government. Pay is less with BAH, but then the area is astronomically less expensive...but then it's also a Mississippi vs DC.

I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or any what-you-would-do-in-my positions - maybe other factors I might not be seeing. Thanks!

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Denver Jones FA in Fairbanks, Alaska

63 months ago

I just saw this post. I too have been offered a SIGINT job with SAIC, and believe I will receive an offer soon with Booz Allen. They are for very similar positions (if not the same) at the same location, but serving different contracts.

The SAIC interview was a phone interview. I received the contingent offer soon after the interview. I believe BAH is planning to fly me in for a face to face interview and meet the supervisors, etc.

SAIC offered me a salary about 7k above what the BAH recruiter told me I would be offered. SAIC's benefit package seemed to be quite competitive as well. A key benefit is the 6% dollar for dollar 401k match, which is a fairly significant addition to the base compensation package. I don't have the details about an offer from BAH yet, but I was wondering which company you went with, and how has your experience been thus far? Thanks!

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