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What do you think - will Saber Healthcare grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Saber Healthcare stack up against the competition?

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84 months ago

Saber Healthcare needs to treat there employees better.They also need to get out of haveing young Adminstrator they need to find Adminstrator that have more knowledge and treat there staff better and arent involed in clicks.I was employed with them for 2 years.I would not even think of putting my family member in one of there homes.Saber Healthcare does not expand there staff they have there staff do 2 to 3 jobs each and expect you to get everything done .There thinking is if you cant get things done they will hire someone else they can.

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A caring NURSE in Cleveland, Ohio

54 months ago

Saber Healthcare is like the "Mob" sub standard homes with Administrators & DON's that don't care about the safe care of the patients in order to save money for SABER I wouldn't put my dog in one of their homes. They are trying to be a monopoly of long term care in Cleveland just as the Cleveland Clinic is with all control over the hospitals in the area.

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Jadedems in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

11 months ago

Saber Health Care is the WORST company I have EVER worked for!!! I was only with them for 5 months and there was NEVER A DAY that went by that we did not have enough staff, and I'm not talking about one person calling off....I'm talking about NO STAFF scheduled to cover the shift!!! There were MANY nights during my 5 month employment there that we had 95-100 residents in the building and only 5.....YES 5 staff members to take care of them supervisor, 3 LPN's and 1, YES 1 CNA to take care of these residents..... there were nights a resident would code and of course the supervisor had to be in running the code and at the BARE MINIMUM an LPN and the CNA.... then someone had to be out at the desk calling 911 and getting the chart ready to send the resident to the ER, now....if you have been doing the math, you should realize that leaves ONE LPN to take care of the other 90 something residents.... ONE LPN to pass meds, answer call bells, watch the residents that are up and roaming the halls.....GOD forbid there is a FALL!! All this pressure on the staff and come morning when the "big wigs" come in, they wanna know WHY 1/2 the facility is not up and dressed and ready for breakfast!!! SABER is the WORST company to work for.....they are so concerned about the almighty dollar they don't give even an ouce of s*&* about their employees!!! AVOID THEM

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