Reapplying to Safeway?

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crystalshelves in San Francisco, California

107 months ago

I know by posting this most of you are going to create a petition to crucify me, but I am thinking of reapplying to Safeway. I worked there as a courtesy clerk in 2006, from July until the end of December. I am doing this because there is just no where else to work in the town I live in. My question is, would they hire me back? And also, I was just on the verge of a raise, a mere pathetic .50 cent raise. I needed about 50 more hours or so until I reached it, and I'm wondering if my hours from my previous employment would as well be reinstated? Meaning would I continue from the amount of hours where I left off, thus in 50 hours I would receive a raise. Would this happen? Or would I start over new? All help is appreciated, and any helpful words of wisdom to NOT do this or to GO for it is appreciated as well :)

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davonthompson in Washington, District of Columbia

105 months ago

Hello My name is DaVon Thompson, I'am looking for employment within your company, I'am high school gurate looking for a parttime positionas cashier, stocking clerk assist.

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Laura in Fresno, California

104 months ago

Unfortunately, if you go back, you will start all over again. Too much time has passed. I cannot tell you if they would re hire you since that all depends on the terms on which you left. Did you give notice?
If you are just looking for a little PT job than it might be ok to go back. But if you are looking for advancement, I say nay.

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khutty in San Jose, California

103 months ago

Safeway union questions?
I am new employee in safeway. I have a question regarding their union... Is it automatically deduct in your paycheck? or should I fill up something first?


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