Union Initiation & Dues AND Position/Wages

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YBBMADYSU in Private

101 months ago

I read a lot of comments here about Safeway and how bad the wages are and about union initiation fee and dues. I also read that someone said to work in the background. That is a smart idea.

While all of you are working in the stores for low wages and with a$$hole customers, I am in the background. You will probably never meet me or know my name. I work in one of Safeway's beverage plants. I can tell you that no one in our plant makes less than $12 to start. My field is maintenance, we start at approx $23.. I have been with this company for a few years, at this plant, and in this position. It has been great. No customers! and I work with a great group of people.
If you want a good job with good pay, dont go to a store. Go to one of the production plants (if avail in your area). Start out in production or warehouse and get a transfer when it becomes avail..

NOW regarding union initiation and dues.
if you think $200 or so is bad, try $800-$1000 for initiation. We pay a whole lot for ours.
dues are not so bad, its about $65-195 depending on position and pay rate.

if you want to avoid the high initiation, apply for a job at a different company that is a part of teamsters. once you become a member of teamsters go apply at safeway. If you are hired, you only have to pay a transfer fee (approx $40-150, possibly less or more).
I used to work for another company that was a part of teamsters, when I got hired by safeway I had to pay $44 to transfer my membership. that was a bit cheaper than a full initiation of $1000.

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khutty in San Jose, California

98 months ago

Safeway union questions?
I am new employee in safeway. I have a question regarding their union... Is it automatically deduct in your paycheck? or should I fill up something first?


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