union dues

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kalsie in Kamloops, British Columbia

100 months ago

this is something i cannot seem to understand.
i paid alot of money for union dues and apparently i payed into a pension plan and i havent benefited anything.
i worked at safeways starbucks for almost a year. i was pregnant when i started and only took 2 months off after having the baby because i didnt get anything for maternity leave. i came back to wokr to find i owed money! apparently they deducted union dues while i was away!
then came another day where i was harassed by some security guy for giving away a REPLACEMENT drink. i ended up getting suspended from work for this.
i contacted the union rep to file a greivence and he said he would do everything he could for me.
I NEVER heard back from him. so i quit! with no benefits.
so why in the hell was i paying these union dues?
for disrespect and no benefits?
to have only 2 months off work for maternity leave and come back to find i OWE money in union dues?
now im wondering. is there ANY way i am going to see that money again? should i even bother trying to get it back?
help please!!! i need to know exactly what i can do about this if there is ANYTHING i can do!

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