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ian humphry in Fairview Heights, Illinois

111 months ago

i went to the schneider training facility in green bay. my advice is to find another way to train or get your cdl!
my class arrived right as the previous class was about to finish up so we overlapped.
of the appx 100 people that start each class only 20 will actually graduate. for one reason or another they will either make you leave on your own or they get rid of you so that they end up with about 20 graduates who get jobs, the rest of you will be saddled with the tuition fees up to appx $2000.00
if you graduate or not. i left because they did not do as they promised they would do and didnt follow through. and the food they promise is continental breakfast in the motel lobby and some nasty cater in food at the school. enter at your own risk if you decide to go to this facility

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No job from Schneider in Edwardsville, Illinois

111 months ago

I was there too and it seems that your description is pretty accurate. Many people in my class were sent home and only a small part of the original group graduate. In my case I graduated and was sent out with a training engineer. Unfortunately, Schneider did't pass me at QST and I didn't have a job. My advise would be to find a different company that had a longer training period with the road trainer. Schneder only had a two week run while some of the other companies have four weeks of training on the road or more. My road trainer, who is no longer with the company, told me that I was doing a good job. Also, when you don't get a job you can't pay for your driving school, the cost of which has escalated to almost $5,000 with the interest and penalties.

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formersnbc in Chicago, Illinois

89 months ago

Yep, same here except I made it on the road. Problem is the equipment is old and will breakdown. And if you do get a breakdown the average wait time is 6-8 hours. The miles isn't there either since Schneider will not tell you that they are losing their contracts to other companies. Schneider used to have the Proctor and Gamble facility all to themselves a few years ago. However, they are quickly losing this account. They lost a lot of Nalco and Rhome and Haas loads because of rollovers. One OC was averaging 4 rollovers a month! And once you get too high on the pay-scale, they will find an excuse to can you for someone cheaper.

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