What a terrible hiring process

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TheInterview in Allen Park, Michigan

66 months ago

I applied for a position in appliance sales, and after taking a brief test, I was scheduled for an interview.

Fast forward about a month, and the day of my first interview has arrived. I go into the employment office, only to find NO ONE. After waiting about ten minutes, a scraggly ill-orated woman walks in, and identifies herself as the HR manager. She tells me she is going to conduct the interview. She asks me a series of basic questions, and I thoroughly answer all of them. At the end of the interview, she crudely asks me if I am a "genius", because she is impressed at how extensive my vocabulary is. Surprised, I answer "no", and she enthusiastically schedules me for an interview with the department manager.

The next interview goes extremely well. The appliance manager is a really friendly, smart, guy. We clicked so well, we began to talk about personal things. He says he likes me a lot, so he tells me he is going to schedule me for a final interview with the store manager. He kind of indicates that the next interview is simply a formality, and that should I should consider myself hired. Needless to say, I leave pretty ecstatic.

So the third interview arrives, and I am met with what I can only say is pure insipidness. The store manager is a young twenty something with a cocky attitude. The first words out of his mouth were "listen, the department manager really is clueless; you just aren't prime for this position". He sarcastically stated that my lack of experience in selling appliances was alarming. He then continued on how he would rather hire me into hardware, so he could assess my ability in sales. He continued making very dumb arguments - as to why appliances is so vastly different than the other departments - to which I would continuously rebuke, leaving him dumbfounded, scrambling for a new scenario where I would be intimidated into wanting the hardware position. Needless to say he never called me back. What a joke of a company

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Marquis in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

47 months ago

I agree I had an interview exactally 12 days ago. The first interview went very well she was very friendly we actually hit it off well when I spoke about the campers that come in bus. I wondered how knew what I was talking about it was because she lived by the camping ground. She was impressed by my answers i could see it on her face and she was glad to schedule me for a second interview. On the second interview the interviewer was in his late 30's early 40's and didn't look very confidant he would not make any eye contact me even thought he said he was poor at doing it he didn't show any interest in atleast humouring me who was siting exactally 3 feet away right in front of him no eye contact on his part none what so every. Not to mention his questioning processes he clearly had trust issues with his employees when I explained to him how I felt about micromanaging having a supervisor hover over a person every 5 minutes whilt I'm doing my job he even went as far as to interupt me with a with a condecending tone of voice saying that makes no sense. Then I explained I know it made no sense it his job to supervise but he also has other more important duties and how would any work on both sides get done if the supervisor had to stop what he was doing just to go see if someone was working properly because didn't trust his/ her employees enough to do the job that he found them suitable for. Long story short I surprised really surprised at the end of the interview when I clearly told the supervisor that I was not a big fan of being left hanging out on line wasting my time when I could be doing something important and if I didn't get the job to contact me and that was 12 days ago considering I was one 20 people who actually applied I saw the other applicants and trust me on this I will be extremely disappointed if I didn't get the job.

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