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So glad I don't work there anymore!

Updated 5 days ago

I hate sears - 241 Replies

I worked for Sears as a dispatcher for their appl repair department. Horrible pay, no raises, truly awful management all the way around. They made...

Rose Cummings

Updated 1 month ago

Sears Pension Plan - 5 Replies

Do you or anyone on here have a working phone number for them,, Sear Holding Pension Service Center? The number I have is no longer working? Any...


Updated 1 month ago

Do not apply online for a Sears position - 18 Replies

I have an interview tomorrow sears and they hr deparment called me for an interview she did not even introduce myself or told me where to go for the...


Updated 1 month ago

sears background check - 4 Replies

If you have a misterminior family violence assault case but have not been convicted will sears warehouse in tx hire you


Updated 2 months ago

Worst job I ever had in my life... - 10 Replies

My husband was employed by Sears Home Improvement a little over a month when he had a stroke (while out of town on a Sears sales call). When he...


Updated 3 months ago

Sears Interview? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="jobsearcher in North Richland Hills, Texas"]Hello, I was called in for an interview about 3 days ago and it is scheduled for today. I...


Updated 3 months ago

I'm convinced that Sears is a criminal organization... - 44 Replies

[QUOTE who="murphy in Lutz, Florida"]I would talk to a lawyer sounds like pain and suffe[/QUOTE] Hi you know that sesrs isn't sears (old sears)its...

Julie in Cache Creek, British Columbia

Updated 5 months ago

i believe it is not fair that i am fired for this reason - 7 Replies

sears and me ... my story is : i used 2 coupon for two different customer it does not belong to the customers that i rang the sale for.....Loss...

karen watters in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 5 months ago

Sears application, locked out - 9 Replies

Hi. I'm trying to apply to Sears and either I applied before I moved five months ago or there is seriously something wrong. When I tried to apply the...

Heartme in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 6 months ago

Sears Pay For Sales Associates - 58 Replies

I completed an application online and was able to schedule my own interview....I've heard a lot of negative things about Sears and now Im not sure if...

vikki2015 in California

Updated 7 months ago

Is this normal? - 2 Replies

I got an interview for at Sears for a cashier position when I got there I was told there were no more cashier positions open and asked if I would...

Always Looking in Enfield, Connecticut

Updated 8 months ago

loss prevention associate - 36 Replies

Does anyone know how much a loss prevention associate at Sears gets paid?

Always Looking in Enfield, Connecticut

Updated 8 months ago

New Hires Beware-Ask and Re-Ask Your Questions If Needed Before Accepting - 4 Replies

This is not the job I was told it was to be when hired. If you are relying on a certain amount of income and same amount of hours each pay period,...

Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

Updated 9 months ago

I got lucky with Sears - 2 Replies

I was hired as a Cashier at Sears in October 2013. I wasn't really expecting much of the job at first, as I was just trying to take what I could get....

Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

Updated 9 months ago

Beware job seekers! Sears treats its employees like slaves - they value business over its greatest asset - Human Resources!!! - 3 Replies

I am utterly surprised to find out how this company still exists despite it's questionable and challenged personnel management and treatment. Sears...

Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

Updated 9 months ago

Worst Place of Employment Ever! - 3 Replies

I work for the Waterford Ct Sears and let me tell you that the place does not give a damn about it's customers or it's employees! Our operations...

Leeann66 in I survived 2014, Ontario

Updated 9 months ago

flexible hours at Sears? - 6 Replies

I just got hired at sears and yesterday was my first day. I'm in high school and have a lot of hobbies that I usually do after school and on...

Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

Updated 9 months ago

my thoughts - 1 Reply

I see a lot of people complaining but here's what I see so far in the few days I've been with the company. I haven't met and associate that...


Updated 9 months ago

Sears ruined my floor - 14 Replies

OK So we were bought a new Kenmore dishwasher and the Barrio boys came and installed it and now a month later I noticed a weird stain on the floor... in El Centro, California

Updated 12 months ago

How Long before Sears Call Me for Orientation - 2 Replies

I went to both interviews and got hired. I signed the paper for my background check, I put all my information into the company computer and went and...

gato1981 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Updated 12 months ago

Sears Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 43 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Sears? What do you like best about working at Sears? Are...

Dudess in San Diego, California

Updated 13 months ago

Background check - 1 Reply

I had got a job offer from Sears and they sent me some info for a drug test & background check. I'm not worried about the drug test but the...

curious in San Diego, California

Updated 13 months ago

Part 3 of Sears interview in a week! What is a culture conversation? - 1 Reply

I was put through the second part of a three part interview system that this sears uses... Apparently, its one of the top sears, not only in the...

Sorry I Took The Job in Wausau, Wisconsin

Updated 15 months ago



Former Mattress Salesperson in Old Town, Maine

Updated 15 months ago

mattress sales - 1 Reply

Ok. Just got a job offer for mattress sales. 25-35 hours per week. What kind of pay(wage/commission/etc) can I expect? I've never done furniture...

Yobie in Fishers, Indiana

Sears Lead commision pay

Hello, I was hoping someone with some inside could help me with what to expect as a sales lead. I got offered a job as a fitness specialty lead...

. in Mesa, Arizona

Updated 16 months ago

Don't work at sears employees treated unfairly - 4 Replies

I'm going to be blunt with this do not work for sears. This company is going down the drain. Management sucks the store manager and leads are all...

darnellphillips in La Habra, California

Updated 16 months ago

Resume - 2 Replies

I ahve an interview tomorrow at 10:00 am at SEARS .... i applied online and i was able to schedule myown interview..... they even emailed me a...

mrvalue in Deltona, Florida

Updated 18 months ago

newhire info - 3 Replies

Can anyone send the link given in the 3 emails sears sends to the newhires, mine was deleted, cannot find anywhere on internet

TrysomeJustice in Fredericktown, Ohio

Updated 18 months ago

Sears Training in Cashiering - 2 Replies

This is just an FYI for all of you future folks applying to Sears for Cashiering. Your training will not teach you about the POS (Point of Sales)....

Physcinacians in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 19 months ago

What do MCA's do? - 1 Reply

Got the position and waiting for call for orientation. I understand the main job is to restock the shelves, change marketing plans, markdowns, and...

SimplyMe in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 19 months ago

Do I got the job? - 2 Replies

So I applied for sears, went through the interview process and just received three emails from newhires@sears ... do that mean that I'm hired?

Physcinacians in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 22 months ago

Sears Hourly and commission pay... - 1 Reply

Ok, I am a little confused about the pay I got offered. I got offered $3.50 an hour plus commission working in footwear. Is this even worth it?...

dj26000 in Aurora, Illinois

Updated 23 months ago

Backroom Associate Training - 4 Replies

So I started training this week for the Backroom associate position. Right now I'm almost done with the training and the HR rep who I was supposed to...

Dee in Norcross, Georgia

Updated 23 months ago

How to get a job at Sears. - 51 Replies

Do you work at Sears? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in? in Vancouver, Washington

Drug testing at searssss? I have orientation tomorrow!

Soo,I got hired at sears for a part time seasonal position. I was obviously asked if i could pass a drug test, and was told that there is random drug...

AnonymousTowels in Laguna Hills, California

Updated 23 months ago

Why Sears was my worst job. - 1 Reply

I'll try to be as respectful as I can... As an honest and hardworking individual working as a cashier at Sears, I felt I did a great job. As most... in Oviedo, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Sears and Age Discrimination - 18 Replies

does sears discriminate against its older employees?

Physcinacians in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 26 months ago

Sears Auto Centers? - 14 Replies

What can any of you tell me about working for Sears Auto Centers? or your Experience as a customer at a Sears Auto Center?If you work there what kind...

ElleBean in New York

Updated 27 months ago

What is the dress code at Sears? - 2 Replies

I just got hired as a Lead (Merchandising and Pricing), so I'm wondering what the dress code is and what the policies on piercings and tattoos...

AuntA in Bethesda, Maryland

Background Check

Does Sears do a criminal background check before hiring? If so, do they have strict policy against hiring someone with a felony record?

kixfan1986 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania

Updated 30 months ago

sears tech job - 1 Reply

After my second interview, the manager said i should receive a phone call after a couple weeks to let me know whats going on. Do managers usually...

marysue in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 30 months ago

Sears News and Happenings. - 80 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

O_anonymous_O in Hagerstown, Maryland

Updated 31 months ago

Sears - 1 Reply

I've been working at sears for about a year now and I can tell you that it's okay, but that's pretty much about it. I'm not gonna sit here and type...

commision in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 31 months ago

Sears Commission Policy - 6 Replies

Has anyone had problems receiving all of their earned commissions from Sears?

carson (skip) jenkins in Irmo, South Carolina

Updated 32 months ago

W-2 forms - 26 Replies

I have not recieved my W-2 forms from Kmart yet what shall I do or how can I go about getting it.

Applicant for Store Management in Bluefield, West Virginia

Updated 33 months ago

Question on Management Bonuses - 2 Replies

How often are bonuses paid to management (monthly or annually)? Thank you.

Tribble in Scottsdale, Arizona

Sears Needs A Union!

They need to stop treating there employees like garbage employees need the union to back them up

Adrienne in Decatur, Illinois

Updated 34 months ago

Giving away your employee discount - 2 Replies

Is it okay to give your Sears employee discount to a customer in order to make the sale?

dusan141 in Roswell, New Mexico

Updated 34 months ago

i used to work there - 4 Replies

I was hired a few months ago and they told me that i would not be seasonal but, i was "let go" a month later after i went through Thanksgiving and...

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