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Nikki726 in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 78 months ago

Would you go back? - 1 Reply

I was recently laid off from my sears store, I was a lead, I love my store and most of the people I worked with. My now old store manager felt really...

Ex of a Sears Scammer in Washington, Michigan

Holiday Pay question- Need to know!

My ex is a E-QMT in Southeastern Michigan. He has worked for Sears for 20 some years .Because of this he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He works...

Michael N Matheson in Oakland, California

Updated 81 months ago

sears pension plans not being paid !!!!! - 3 Replies

I left sears automotive in june of '08. I was notified by mail in July that I had a pension that would be available as of Aug 01, 2008. I returned...

dua dua in Dallas, Texas

Industrial Engineer Interview

I have an interview with the Hiring Manager for a Field Industrial Engineer position soon. Any suggestions regarding what do I expect in the...

toxicgurl1985 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 82 months ago

interview - 4 Replies

I just applied at Sears and scheduled my interview for Thursday? My question is what questions i will be asked, and what other stuff they do? BTW...

Karen Avery in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 83 months ago

No Jobs Available - 2 Replies

Although Sears lists jobs weekly for Myrtle Beach SC, There are no jobs available according to hr. Could it be discrimination ?

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 83 months ago

How Can You be Paid for 19.30 hours instead of 19.5? - 4 Replies

I keep track of the hours I work. I should have recieved pay for 19.5 hrs, but instead on the paycheck it said 19.3 hrs. Our punch in device at...

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 84 months ago

I Have Been At Sears Hardware for Over a Month and I Feel Like I am Being Kept in the Dark - 1 Reply

Within two hours on my first day my position was switched and i recieved no formal training. it seems like everyday i am told something new which...

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 84 months ago

Job interview? - 1 Reply

Hi. I applied online and it sent me to a screen with all these dates I could be interviewed. I chose the 29th of August at 6pm. I was told to find...

fraggy in Port Mcnicoll, Ontario

Updated 85 months ago

Complaint? - 3 Replies

I have been trying to get the contact details of a senior manager so I can make a complaint about a customer care supervisor. It seems whenever I...

fenixxishot in Austin, Texas

Updated 85 months ago

sears - 6 Replies

last night i scheduled an interview for 6:00pm next friday, but i just found out that i will not be able to make do i cancel the interview?

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 85 months ago

Sears Outlet - Store Coach hours/Salary - 3 Replies

I am being interviewed for a store coach position at a Sears outlet Store. Can anyone tell me what to expect in terms of salary, bonus, and hours...

Johnny Doe in Cary, North Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

Zero out policy - 3 Replies

If the price of something drops to zero, can the product still be sold? I know its suppose to be returned, but I've heard customers purchasing...

Johnny Doe in Cary, North Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

How many shifts are required? - 1 Reply

Hi I was just hired by Sears and I begin this week. It is a part time position and I believe that I must have a minimum of three shifts a week. This...

jr2508 in Hollywood, Florida

assitant management position pay and is it worth taking

I was called for second interview for assistant manager postition. I want to know how much they get paid, if they get bonuses and benefits? Also is...


Updated 86 months ago

how long is the oration in sears? - 7 Replies

I have the oration today , and I want to know how long is going to be thanks

Jaysiree in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 86 months ago

Cordinators/Leads Salary/Pay? - 1 Reply

How much are Leads and Coordinators making at Sears these days?

Jaytrill50Bill in Atlanata, Georgia

Updated 87 months ago

My experience trying to get a Job at Sears - 1 Reply

Ok first read this so you will know my situation


Updated 87 months ago

Sears home improvement products sales - 3 Replies

I emailed my resume and was called for an interview the next day. My questions are what can I expect pay and benefit wise? I come from a sales...

cyberdoc76 in Indiana

Updated 88 months ago

Can Sears be Saved? - 4 Replies

Hello all, I have read a lot of the complaints, concerns, and advocate comments in the forums on this website. Many of you have valid points in...


Updated 88 months ago

Sears Management Training Program - 8 Replies

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Sears management training program. I was offered a position back in May, told I would...

Joyeuse in Mountville, Pennsylvania

Preventative Maintenance Team Associate position

I recently applied to this position online and have an interview coming up. However I cannot even find a small glimpse as to what exactly this job...

Kristyn Goodell in Cabin Creek, West Virginia

Updated 88 months ago

falling apart - 1 Reply

no store manager...the managers they have on look the other way...poor employees that do whatever they want...the store is a mess....

Kristyn Goodell in Charleston, West Virginia

Updated 88 months ago

Training Pay? - 3 Replies

I started working at sears a little over a week ago. I went through all of the computer training and have worked about 35 training hours in total. I...

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pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 89 months ago

Hey how much those sears pay theire Merchandise/Customer Assitance associates ?? - 4 Replies

Im wondering....i live in ny and i have a interview coming they also pay their associates pay+commission ?

mjay in Allen, Texas

Updated 89 months ago


I have a interview at sears do you know how much they pay the cashiers?

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 89 months ago


We have about over 10 "kids" that are managers that are very immature and clearly cannot handle the professionalism it takes to be a manager. It gets...

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 90 months ago

sears pay is low - 2 Replies

they pay you very little and make you work alot. had worked there and they are aweful. and the raise is like 12cents in a year

mia in Westmont, Illinois

Updated 90 months ago

Sears stinks! Rules? HA - 1 Reply

We would get merchindise in after I would put it out and then the boss would scream that it wasnt all out. Fair warning, all the bosses expect way,...

Tigerfan in Denver, Colorado

Updated 90 months ago

HELP-- What is the starting salary ranges for Assistant Store Coach? - 3 Replies

I might start training as an assistant store coach / operations manager in November. I just had another interview, and they extended a job offer. I...

former asm in New Hampshire

Updated 90 months ago

I just recently had an interview with sears. Wanted to ask you guys a question? - 1 Reply

i had an interview with sears, and every thing seem to go well. Now the lady that gave me the interview told me that she was going to give the...

chrisc3528 in metairie, Louisiana

Updated 91 months ago

Sears doesnt care about their employees - 3 Replies

Ive been working at Sears Hardware and Appliances in n.bablyon for about 2 years. when I first started there, everything was fine. after 6 months I...

Unemployed Property Manager in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

employment - 5 Replies

i applied for a job that posted on 12-19-2007. I had an interview on 12-24-2007. At that time i was told i have the position, but i had to wait for...

C L in Chicago, Illinois

Sears transfer

How long after being hired, at Sears, must you stay at that store before you request to transfer to another city/state? What's the procedure? Do they...

Ursula88 in Las Vegas, Nevada

December pay

Hey, does anyone know if is true that sears pays double this december paycheck? I think that immposible but I hear it

Ali Rizvi in Houston, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

SEARS-Mattress sales - 1 Reply

Any special skills needed for that job? have you worked in a similar position be4? Your experience will be helpful to a newcomer in the job hunt.

Charla Z in Nashua, New Hampshire

Paid Training?

I completed my 19 hours of (paid) training. I haven't seen a dime of it in my pay check? When ever I speak with HR they brush me off.

Charla Z in Nashua, New Hampshire

Updated 93 months ago

I am seasonal right now but i am wondering if i should be looking for a new job soon - 1 Reply

Yeah i have worked with sears since october 20th as a cashier and i am seasonal and i am just wondering if i should be looking for a new job soon...

DampYankee in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 93 months ago

A manager everyone is quitting over, or she tries to fire. - 1 Reply

Va.Beach How can a manager who is rude to her own employees be kept when she is complained of so much even by the store Manager. The manager has...

hottay in Sumter, South Carolina

Updated 93 months ago

When is pay day? - 2 Replies

Hi! I have just joined Sears and HR did not tell me which day do I get paid. I was told that I am going to be paid bi-weekly, and I have worked for...

Bartman in Lancaster, Ohio

Updated 93 months ago

how do you cancel an application once you already applied online? - 1 Reply

i just applied to work at sears during the holiday season, but then my family is making plans to go on vacation during the time. Does anyone know how...

Bartman in Lancaster, Ohio

How long did it take you to learn everything about cashier?

I was hired by sears in late october and i finally got done with the computer stuff last week and then i was able to work on the cash register two...

Asia in Holly Springs, North Carolina

What do you need for the interview?

Hi, I have an interview coming up for Sears and is there anything that I should bring? Cause they never actually said anything. Thanks!

gglaserlawyer in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 94 months ago

sears treats long time employees like crap - 5 Replies

Sears is engaged in now in the practice of getting rid of long term employees to replace them with cheaper labor. Stop looking at Walmart and look at...

Iain in Visalia, California

Updated 95 months ago



Mike in Los Angeles, California

Updated 95 months ago

Sears Interview Questions. - 6 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Bill in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 96 months ago

past employees trying for employment at sears - 3 Replies

Worked at Sears for 10 years in IT department. Me and 3 other co workers left when we were outsourced to India. Seem jobs open in the past 3...

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