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hottay in Sumter, South Carolina

Updated 119 months ago

When is pay day? - 2 Replies

Hi! I have just joined Sears and HR did not tell me which day do I get paid. I was told that I am going to be paid bi-weekly, and I have worked for...

Bartman in Lancaster, Ohio

how do you cancel an application once you already applied online?

i just applied to work at sears during the holiday season, but then my family is making plans to go on vacation during the time. Does anyone know how...

Bartman in Lancaster, Ohio

How long did it take you to learn everything about cashier?

I was hired by sears in late october and i finally got done with the computer stuff last week and then i was able to work on the cash register two...

Asia in Holly Springs, North Carolina

What do you need for the interview?

Hi, I have an interview coming up for Sears and is there anything that I should bring? Cause they never actually said anything. Thanks!

gglaserlawyer in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 120 months ago

sears treats long time employees like crap - 5 Replies

Sears is engaged in now in the practice of getting rid of long term employees to replace them with cheaper labor. Stop looking at Walmart and look at...

Iain in Visalia, California

Updated 121 months ago



Mike in Los Angeles, California

Updated 121 months ago

Sears Interview Questions. - 6 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Bill in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 122 months ago

past employees trying for employment at sears - 3 Replies

Worked at Sears for 10 years in IT department. Me and 3 other co workers left when we were outsourced to India. Seem jobs open in the past 3...

bill in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 122 months ago

k-mart is far better - 1 Reply

take k-mart over sears!!!!!

friend in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 122 months ago

Employement - 11 Replies

I have had like 4 interviews with Sears. They already recognize me. Tats the mest up part but, they dont give the oppurtunity of employement. Im over...

Mike in Boise, Idaho

Updated 122 months ago


just imagine beeing paid 5.50 per hr and 1 % / to 3 % on sales. no benefits . and beeibg harrised over every peti thing a person could...

Conserned for the Future in Wenatchee, Washington

Tired of all Department Stores ! #1

I have applied at a few stores not just sears and they want people to work for them but they don't want to pay you a good wage that you can live on...

j.s. in Sterling, Massachusetts

Updated 122 months ago

"Blast" for Sears on the Radio-2 million listeners to hear the worst of Sears - 1 Reply

I had an appointment for repair on a washer. Sears never showed up. Sears: Are you reading this? Your employees are only interested in two things:...

Searching in Columbus, Georgia

***DON'T DO IT***

If your applying for the Columbus,Ga positon "BE WARNED". I worked there for a few years and the turn-over rate in electronics, hardware and...

Carpathia in Huntsville, Alabama

Updated 123 months ago

How much does a recieving associate make per hour? - 1 Reply

I have an interview coming up for receiving associate and I was wondering how much they make per hour.

D in West Henrietta, New York

Updated 123 months ago

Concerning sears extended warranties on appliances - 1 Reply

I just wanted to make some things clear for the people talking about extended warranties from sears. They are provided by a company named...

B Martin in Charleston, South Carolina

Updated 124 months ago

incredibly bad installation and fraud regarding cabinet installation - 1 Reply

Please send me, if you can,the names of the corporate officers that I can reach regarding these complaints. There are so many shown and I'm not sure...

Senior Citizen in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 124 months ago

Hiring centers - 10 Replies

Around here they have services that you pay them 180.00 and they give you a list of people hiring. Oh coarse they have great jobs listed. Does anyone...

Phyl Aku in Austin, Texas

Updated 124 months ago

Is Sears really Sexist? - 7 Replies

I don't know - what is everyone's experience?

Brendan in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 125 months ago

EMAILS - 1 Reply

Is there any way that a Sears employee can get a company email address?

Writer in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 126 months ago

Sears and returning vets - 4 Replies

I have heard a story going round that sears is doing right by their men and women in the armed services, keeping their jobs open and their benefits...

LPS in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 126 months ago

Sears holds grudge - 2 Replies

Years ago I had issue with Suto dept it was resolved peacefully and cusotmer service requested i remain a Sears customer I did. when I was...

Audrey (Host) in Austin, Texas

Updated 127 months ago

Sears Sucks - 21 Replies

I wound never work for sears cuzz the managers suck and do not treat people far

Audrey (Host) in Austin, Texas

Updated 127 months ago

sear can go to hell - 53 Replies

They is racial company they claim they are equal oppt company that bull.wal-mart also sucks they put the blacks in the bac of the store and treat...

Audrey (Host) in Austin, Texas

Updated 127 months ago

crying - 14 Replies

all you people here in the us and i am in the us are spoiled babies that cry for nothing when you think you diaper is wet-wake up this is god world...

VJ in Absecon, New Jersey

Updated 128 months ago

Sears Installation Subcontractors - 10 Replies

It seems as though Sears is no better than Home Depot when applying for work online, never a response but new ads continuously

still jobless in detroit in Clarkston, Michigan

Updated 129 months ago

GE hiring one good technician in Salt Lake area! - 2 Replies

The job posting has not gone back onto the web site since we had an applicant fall through but we are in search (again) of a motivated and...

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