Beware job seekers! Sears treats its employees like slaves - they value business over its greatest asset - Human Resources!!!

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mariansantiago in Irvington, New Jersey

43 months ago

I am utterly surprised to find out how this company still exists despite it's questionable and challenged personnel management and treatment. Sears does not provide any formal training at all. New employees are left to fend for themselves. It is true that we were assigned to a "seasoned" associate for "training", however, who can learn something really new by just observing and 2 hours later be left on their own? I feel terrible especially for the newbies. I mean, I have over 2 decades' experience in an office environment, behind the desk, but no cashiering experience at all. I can't fathom how these young people feel being thrown into the arena like that considering that this is their first job. Lockers are provided for employees, however, management does not monitor its usage at all. HR assured us that lockers will be available to us as all the associates are expected to take their personal belongings with them after their shift. Yeah, right! I was given the opportunity to "close" one night and noticed that all the lockers had locks on it, except, of course the ones that can not be secured like the ones I have been using since I started working for them. Employees' break room is consistently filthy! Sears provided couches for its employees, however, as expected, NO ONE cleans it. Even tables are always icky! Oh yeah, they have a fridge that's horrendously stinky and a microwave that's disgustingly unsanitary - I wonder what month was it last cleaned? Ugh and Ewww!(shivering) I wanted to clean it, however, there were no cleaning supplies around. Mind you, not even a roll of paper towel! Women's employees' rest room only have 5 cubicles, 2 of which are permanently useless and none of them have lock. 2 sinks have been continuously running since I started-24th of November. Talk about environmentally unfriendly! Lastly associates have to bear the brunt of management's incompetently challenged scheduling. Yup! that's Sears for you all right! HA!

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Brigith in South Portland, Maine

41 months ago

I don't what sears you are talking about but my sears is awesome, and they do not treat us like slaves, my managers are so understanding that I have a busy schedule and that I go to school, and the fact that they gave a chance to work here being only 16 with no work experience is pretty awesome and I will forever be thankful to sears for believing in me.
I love my job at sears.

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JF in Martinsburg, West Virginia

40 months ago

My experiences working for SEARS (94-01) were a bit different, the bathrooms and break rooms were OK.
I worked in sporting goods. We got 3.50/hour base plus commission-3% on big ticket items like treadmills,exc. and 1% on little stuff on the racks. I was never able to make more than 23k/year working full time. What happened after time went by was that all of a sudden our commission rates were "tinkered" with. Floor models(harder to sell than brand new)all of a sudden went down to 1.5%. They were "countered" by the big kahuna items being raised to 4%-these were things that sold once or twice a YEAR. Then when a 3% item got hot and started selling like hotcakes, those would all of a sudden be lowered to 1.5%. At the same time, the company was getting rid of the old management (who made decent money and this was their career) in favor of getting a college grad for 10 bucks an hour. The store manager would then start asking us to wear ties (our uniform was a polo shirt and pants). I kind of had it at that point, this guy asking me to go the extra mile while they(and I mean upper management-not the store manager) were doing everything to undercut my pay. Another issue I had was that new part timers were always getting preferential sales hours to those like myself who were basically full timers. I guess they figured they could push us around and we'd take it.
On the positive side however, Sears gave me a job when others wouldn't, for the most part I loved the people I worked with and was sometimes a fun experience. The discounts were great and I loved shopping there while working there(maybe a little too much LOL). It's simply a place to get some work experience as an entry level employee or maybe to just get a few extra bucks as a part timer. No more, no less.

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Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

31 months ago

The training is next to non existent at Sears. This year we started a few new employees on Black Friday or rather Thanksgiving at 8:00, busiest time of the year and since the computer systems kept messing up their was nothing we could show them, but the Op's manager had no problems treating them all like trash for not knowing how to do anything lol

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