Has anyone been forced in to early retirement with no notice?

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Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

105 months ago

Maybe she should see an attorney. My sister worked at either Sears or JC Penny for twenty years. Later it was part time. A manager was working on getting rid of her. Then they cut her hours to like ten a month. Then one summer my sister had poison ivy, and she was scheduled to work while she had it. She called other employees and switched her hours with someone. Then that someone called her later and told her she couldn't switch her hours because she was old my sister didn't work there any more.

That was probably the purpose of putting in a new manager -to replace employees.

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murphy in Tampa, Florida

83 months ago

You are right Sears is not the company it used to be Years ago thay had mngrs. helpers and were stacked to the rafters with full time employees that had a future with the company and they were a leader in the retail industry. Now if you're not in tight with someone in a high position you might as well give it up. No one cares about you and they could care less what they promised you when you were hired. Most of the management is shady and there is confusion everywhere as to policies and it's save yourself from the burning ship attitude. This is a company for high school kids that don't care if they make 50 bucks a week or non americans that don't know about american workers rights so they won't complain when mistreated. In a nut shell Sears is not a place to work or even shop.

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