Idiots at Sears Holding

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97 months ago

Seattle Washington 07/27/2009: I was hired to be the Supervisor of the IN STORE MARKETERS for 7 Sears stores in the Seattle area. My position was to hire, train, do the paperwork, payroll, keep figures and moral up. My supervisor had a breakdown after two weeks and then I did not have anyone to train me so I relied on the Human Resource Department in Tampa Florida....Big mistake! The store management hates the In Store Marketers...even tho we are Sears Holding Company employes and are to use their facilities.
The second week on the job I was interviewing a prospective marketeer when the manager came into the office I had permission to use and said he was going to kick our ass out of the office...earlier he said we could stay till was 1:30. My interviewee took offence to being spoken to like that and said so. The manager tried to remove him by putting his hands on him and dragging him out. I phoned HR....Blah, blah, blah...nothing much happened...

In another store the Assistant told me I was not allowed to go anywhere where there was a blue post. In the same store I was interviewing a potential employee gotten from the Sears job web site...I would have hired her...but she woked for the optical department...something not told to me in the beginning...the assistat did not speak to me...instead he reported me to anyone he could get an e-mail for in a nasty statement claiming I was stealing his employees...he was there when I was interviewing her, I introduced her to him!!!! HR in Florida told me I had to work on my interpersonal skills...on the phone so there was no record of her conversation.

Yet, in another store while in another interview a SOFTLINES supervisor came into an office I had permission to use and told me and my interviewee we had to get the hell out of the office because she had to use the phone! Later on when I spoke to her she said it was unfortunate the possible employee was there!!!

Another store...I was training an employee.

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murphy in Tampa, Florida

82 months ago

What store in Tampa did this to you? How did that happen that you were in seattle and you were getting advice from the fools in Tampa. The unproffesionalism of some people at Sears should not surprise anybody. Some mgrs are better than others but I think that 1 of the little training courses accross the board nation wide should be common etiquette and manners towards other people. It seems that some people were raised in barns and are pigs. Just remember that the majority of the promotions at Sears are not because people are qualified to be managers but because they are beer buddies with someone and there buddy pulls them up with them. Mostly politics or if you're a minority and complain a little then you are promoted pretty fast qualified or not, this is just reality nothing else . Bye the way if you call the ethics line your complaint goes right back to the store where all the fine upstanding managers huddle together and try to figure out who they need to plan there retaliation against. I was a manager and I have seen it done. If you can get your message to some one higher on the ladder then maybe something will get done if not you are DOOMED . Remember that it doesn't matter how hard you work in life it matters who's butt you kiss . Look at the guy next to you that works his /her ass off and everybody hates , now look at the shmuck that is always kissing butt and see who gets to the top faster. The lazy butt kisser of course . As always stay away from Sears for a job unless you don't mind a bunch of broken promises and $10 pay checks one week and $150 the next, and if you're hours are cut you might as well give it up because you're on your way out the door by the hand of a beer guzzling fool.

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