New Hires Beware-Ask and Re-Ask Your Questions If Needed Before Accepting

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Sorry I Took The Job in Wausau, Wisconsin

25 months ago

This is not the job I was told it was to be when hired. If you are relying on a certain amount of income and same amount of hours each pay period, this may not be the job for you. Possibly as a second job, it may do, but please rethink your choices and options. Once you are hired, your schedule may not be what you were originally told as it fluctuates, so you really can't make any plans ahead of time and you definitely can't work out a budget with the low pay. Also, make certain that you figure out who to listen to. You may be told how to do things by co-workers who have been there for a few years and actually do the job on the sales floor and then by others who are in the main office which can be different ways. If you follow the ways that work the best for the workers on the floor, the office will look at you as if you've done something wrong and will not even take the time to ask or listen as to why you've done the task the way you have.

When other employees that have been there longer ask why the department lead is having you do that or raise their eyebrows and tell you "who knows what they're doing", you know something isn't right, as I have years of experience in the customer service field, so at least their comments have confirmed my feelings.

I enjoy the customers and the co-workers that I have the most contact with, but as to management, something is lacking and the need to show their power over employees for their own personal reasons and those that you may not even know, really make your day not what you thought or wished it could be as the job itself is great in the beginning and then goes downhill rapidly to the "why did I take this job." I now even ask myself why did I recommend this Store to a few of my friends who came in and purchased rather large expensive items, purchases that the Store doesn't even know that I helped them make their goals for certain days. I tried, I helped, but now it's time to look for another job elsewhere.

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Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

19 months ago

Tell me about it!! I work in Waterford Ct, and you will have one manager tell you to do one thing, and then another scream at you for doing what you were asked by a different manager. You also won't be trained on certain things you need to be trained on, then you will get yelled at and threatened with a write up for not doing what you were never shown how to do to begin with. Then the store manager will make you sign paper work that says "I do not want to hear I don't know as an answer" But when you ask him to show you he never knows how and directs you to the operations manager who has no people skills whatsoever and he proceeds to yell at you for not knowing how to do the task he should have shown you to begin with. We have no protection anymore either Sears did away with HR and replaced it with a call center that speaks little to no English.

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xboxer in Tucson, Arizona

19 months ago

I hope they go out of business.

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RJS in Waterbury, Connecticut

18 months ago

I worked at the Southbury CT Kmart for a month. I wanted to quit sooner but they kept putting me on the schedule after I said I had received another job and wanted to leave. I was written up on my third day, second actual day of working for not getting the damn green arrow in rewards cards. I was told I had been talked to about it already, which if they count my training then yes it was briefly mentioned to me in passing. I worked at Target for a year which had its own issues but at least they only wrote me up once for a legitimate issue, not were not getting the numbers we want and its your fault.

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Always Looking in Enfield, Connecticut

18 months ago

This is crazy! I had the same issue in another CT store as well. Hours are NEVER consistent even though they gave me a set number in the interview. They also told me I could work those set hours over 3 days as opposed to 5- lied, after accepting the offer my manager told me it wasn't good for business even though he was the one who interviewed and hired me! Schedule always changes last minute because I have to end up covering for a lead that calls out every week the day before his scheduled day off. I have put in for a transfer.

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