Sears Training in Cashiering

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DisappointedInSears in Norwalk, California

53 months ago

This is just an FYI for all of you future folks applying to Sears for Cashiering. Your training will not teach you about the POS (Point of Sales). You won't be trained on proper usings of the register. The only training you receive is being sat down in front of a computer for 2-4 days to go over rules and regulations as well as a Transfer Sale. They will throw you on the register with nobody to help you before your training is complete. And before your training is complete you will be coached if you have not met their quota for credit cards as well as their rewards programs. How do I know this? Because I quit Sears today after getting another Job Offer.

I wasn't even out of my "computer" training before I was getting told my "efforts weren't good enough for the Sears Brand." So I urge you, keep your wits about you. They make the job sound wonderful in the interview, but once on the register. They want you to actually talk people into credit cards and if you don't, it gets counted against you. So just keep in mind you won't shadow anyone, you won't train for the register's system itself and you'll be thrown directly into the day with no coaching on how to properly utilize the system.

Good luck to all future and current Sears employees.

PS. The 40+ hours for training is a facade. The following week, I was down to 10 hours as a floater, so be weary of that as well.

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Brigith in South Portland, Maine

23 months ago

I'm training right now, as a matter of a fact I just came home from work. I don't know what you are talking about because the two time I've gone to train a person has trained me, they make me observe the experienced cashiers. Maybe the training varies depending where you work, bit my sears is awesome, I love my job.

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TrysomeJustice in Fredericktown, Ohio

23 months ago

It really does depend on the store and the buddy they put you with to learn the registers (if you get a buddy). One day I had a great buddy. The next day I got a lady who didn't like training people b/c she didn't get paid more for it- and she lost sales when she trained. That meant her goals/numbers would be all off.

Sear's registers are not that hard. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but just follow the prompts. The computer training in the backroom is a joke- but that's probably the easiest money you'll get at Sears. Just sit at the computer and get paid. The most frustrating thing about working the registers, to me, was if you needed help. You could page and page somebody, and nobody would ever come.

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