Why Sears was my worst job.

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Mark Hans Avon in Kingston, New York

50 months ago

I'll try to be as respectful as I can...

As an honest and hardworking individual working as a cashier at Sears, I felt I did a great job. As most any human being with a heart would do, I answered phone calls as best I could, and I helped anyone out where there was the asking for help. I once had one of the managers walk up to me while I was stocking shelves for christmas and level with me saying "Mark, you truly are a really good employee.".

The problem was that the managers, bless their hearts, would have to come to me and constantly complain about my Shop Your Way Rewards numbers. From day one, until the day I left, I was always last place with selling credit cards and rewards cards. This is simply because I have human values, I won't tell a lie unless I absolutely have to, so most everyone would say no and I would respect their answer.

I had one manager that liked me as a person, but had to always talk to me about how I was supposed to be deceitful and lie to the customers. In fact, a typical day for me was to have 3 managers on the floor that circled around and would try to have a deep discussion to me about why I should be more deceitful.

Sales in where someone is asking isn't a bad job. The people working on commission will have people come their way and be interested in what they have to sell. They have come to the store asking for a washer or dryer, or asking for a specific tool that they need in hardware. Those working in stocking had an easier time than the cashiers as well, and many that were in stocking had moved there because they wanted to get away from cold sales.

Cold sales is one of the single worst jobs a human being can have in our modern society, and to have it in a company that is going out of business, let alone a corporation, just makes for pure suffering, and what feels like raw slavery.

Thanks for listening,

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AnonymousTowels in Laguna Hills, California

50 months ago

I feel the same way my friend. It's only week 3 for me as a cashier and I have done everything right except lie to people and get them to sign up for credit apps which in turn just means debt. I have sympathy for the customers and I try to do my job as adequately and professional and as an 18 year old fresh out of high school, I know I am doing well. Every manager has been nice to me expect the assist manager who only wants credit apps from me, he does not acknowledge anything else that I do except my SYWR and credit app numbers.

I literally just had a meeting with my assist manager and he said stuff to me like "I want to keep you around" and "you are on probation" (close watch)because I have -20 credit apps which is the lowest and still I have no shame. The worst one was "You are better than some cashiers here. Don't you think so? So you can do better than this". He just completely lied to me and tried his sales skills on me by saying I am the best to create false confidence and get me pumped up to give people credit cards. For crying out loud he asked me if I thought I was better than certain employees while naming them. Childish. I just shrugged and hoped that he changed the subject which he did. He told me how to sell credit apps and that was to lie and "assume" they already said yes. I walked out of that meeting amazed by how the reality of what his intentions were.

I am going to still try. I like working there but if I get another big lecture about my credit apps in the next week I will consider looking for a new job while at the same time reporting to my HR manager.

Thank you for your input. I thought I was the only one and I am going to have some discussions with my employees to see if they get treated the same way. Good luck!

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