I got lucky with Sears

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xbrando7@*****.*** in Sacramento, California

50 months ago

I was hired as a Cashier at Sears in October 2013. I wasn't really expecting much of the job at first, as I was just trying to take what I could get. When I got hired, I was very pleased with the effort my supervisors made to make sure they understood my availability and my needs as an employee. It was only my second job, so I was relatively unexperienced in a retail setting. I'm sure I gave my managers some headaches in the first few weeks, but they gave me plenty of second chances, and now I've become a skilled cashier, and I feel just as knowledgeable as an employee who has been working there for years. At first, I was scared about managers breathing down my neck for credit apps and shop your way loyalty, but I've found that In my case, the managers will be satisfied as long as you keep asking every customer. As such, I have been asking everybody, and I got 60 apps in December (I understand that it was during the holiday season and that this probably isn't typical, but it definitely boosted my confidence.) I love that the extra challenges, like credit, shop your way, member feedback, and store2home allow me to set goals for myself while working. I have nothing but praise for my managers. My cashier's manager is very empathetic and flexible, and always listens to me when I have questions or comments. My operations manager always provides me with great training, and his expectations aren't overwhelming. I greatly appreciate that my managers tell me when I need to improve, as well as congratulate me when I succeed. Furthermore, my coworkers, management included, treat me like family. We all work together to help solve each other's problems. I feel at home working at Sears. I understand that many people have had negative experiences working at Sears, so I felt the need to say that the company isn't all bad. Maybe I just got lucky with my location. I can't speak for all Sears management, but I can say wholeheartedly that I love my job, and will be sad to leave.

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pc1212 in Rockville, Maryland

49 months ago

I agree with you. The sears I work at treats me with respect as well. After reading these comments I am kind of surprised. All the employees are like my families (including the managers). The only reason why I want to leave is because of the poor hours they give. I get like 5-10 hours a week at minimum wage. I got 40+ hours for the holidays but now I get this every two months. Other than that, I really enjoy working at sears.

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Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

38 months ago

You are lucky to have a good operations manager, our operations manager in Waterford CT has next to NO people skills, bullies us and talks down to members and the store manager does not do anything about it. A few of the department leads are awesome, but the operations manager and Store manager are useless

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