if you work at sears, do you get the employee discount at kmart also?

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ashleycc20 in Walla Walla, Washington

82 months ago

so the sears employee discount is 20% off everything but 10% off electronic right? do we get any kind of discount at kmart since they are merged or whatever? if so then what is it?

pover-tee in Madison, Wisconsin

82 months ago

You get 10% off at K-Mart with your employee discount card, but most items will still cost less at Wal-Mart or Target even after the discount. I was buying water softener salt there for quite a while on the employee discount card before I realized I was still paying too much and could get it for less at the supermarket. Turns out almost everything is priced 20-25% higher than it is with competitors.

LPBossLady in Boston, Massachusetts

32 months ago

Your associate discount can be used at Kmart lacations BUT it does not apply to anything that is already on sale or clearance. Also the discount can be used in Sears auto centers IF the auto center is ATTACHED to the store, meaning if you have to walk through parking lot to get to auto center, you dont get a discount. Like everything else SEARS, its screwy.

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