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waltg in Redding, California

36 months ago

I see a lot of people complaining but here's what I see so far in the few days I've been with the company.

I haven't met and associate that complains about their job. If you do that like your job you don't preform and you're gone.

If you're not helping the company make money then you're not going to make it. If they make money you make money.

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Sears1193sucks in Lebanon, Connecticut

30 months ago

I work at Sears and still work there and I am one of the few that shows up to work on time all the time and I can honestly tell you it's the worst place I have ever worked for and it's only gotten worse since they got rid of the Hr department.
Busting your ass off every day for minimum wage only to have two days in a row off then to come back to work to an operations manager who starts to scream at you for something that happened the day before(your day off) and when he asks you what happened and you can't tell him because you were not there and he says to you "You don't know huh? Maybe I should start firing people who don't know" It's kind of disheartening and you really are not going to do your best work when treated like that.
You can't go to the store manager either, they do not care even when employees switch departments and tell him it's because they can't stand the bullying, he just brushes it off and pretends he heard nothing.. But, if a member threatens to let corporate know via the survey on a receipt, the store manager is quick to offer the merchandise for next to nothing in order to avoid having to deal with the op's manager.

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