What a terribly run company

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The Interview in Allen Park, Michigan

72 months ago

I applied for a position in appliance sales, and after taking a brief test, I was scheduled for an interview.

Fast forward about a month, and the day of my first interview has arrived. I go into the employment office, only to find NO ONE. After waiting about ten minutes, a scraggly ill-orated woman walks in, and identifies herself as the HR manager. She tells me she is going to conduct the interview. She asks me a series of basic questions, and I thoroughly answer all of them. At the end of the interview, she crudely asks me if I am a "genius", because she is impressed at how extensive my vocabulary is. Surprised, I answer "no", and she enthusiastically schedules me for an interview with the department manager.

The next interview goes extremely well. The appliance manager is a really friendly, smart, guy. We clicked so well, we began to talk about personal things. He says he likes me a lot, so he tells me he is going to schedule me for a final interview with the store manager. He kind of indicates that the next interview is simply a formality, and that should I should consider myself hired. Needless to say, I leave pretty ecstatic.

So the third interview arrives, and I am met with what I can only say is pure insipidness. The store manager is a young twenty something with a cocky attitude. The first words out of his mouth were "listen, the department manager really is clueless; you just aren't prime for this position". He sarcastically stated that my lack of experience in selling appliances was alarming. He then continued on how he would rather hire me into hardware, so he could assess my ability in sales. He continued making very dumb arguments - as to why appliances is so vastly different than the other departments - to which I would continuously rebuke, leaving him dumbfounded, scrambling for a new scenario where I would be intimidated into wanting the hardware position. Needless to say he never called me back. What a joke of a company

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fordguyy in Santa Rosa, California

67 months ago

I applied for a sales associate position and they gave me an interview. So I select the date for my interview, the day of the interview I show up and tell me to wait a few minutes while some lady was going to get the interviewer. So I wait and wait, almost 2 hours pass by and she comes out and tells me that shes busy meaning I'll have to reschedule to another date. So I do the next week which was today I show up and she tells me ok, wait a few minutes while I get her. She comes back out and tells me shes busy and that I need to wait 30 minutes. Then I tell her why do I have to wait? I was scheduled last week I showed up on time and I waited I was rescheduled and now I'm supposed to wait again this is bs. Then she tells me that if I want a job in retail you're going to have to wait, I said yes I know, but why is your company setting up dates for interviews when your staff doesn't have time. Sears is the worst company to apply, thank god I didn't get to work there.

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MeganBurbank in Winchester, California

67 months ago

All within the last 3 weeks, I filled out an application for Sears online, turned in a resume in person, got scheduled an initial interview, then got hired on the spot.
I believe this experience was great!

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formerservicetech in Bentonville, Arkansas

66 months ago

You know, I worked for this company for 14 years before I left. I dealt with great people and horrible people...within the company. The CBS TV show Undercover Boss would not be able to cover this company's problems in one freaking episode. It needs a one-week miniseries. And even then, I don't think the problems would go away. Honestly, I would have to say that the only part of my job that I enjoyed that whole time was getting to travel my area between customers. A close second place would be working with my peers. Other than that, dealing with a manager to fix a problem got either mixed results or no results at all. And usually he/she would try to make us feel bad by saying that we created our own problems. This company, Sears, is BEGGING to be put under. It cannot handle itself efficiently anymore. EVERY department has issues too numerous to name. And the problem that creates is that whatever new person comes in to work for this company has a 90% chance--or worse--of leaving the company for a better one. And in the end, this leads to a serious issue of taking care of the most important people it's losing everyday: CUSTOMERS! Later, I worked for Target for a month before being picked up by another company for full-time work. While I didn't care much about the hours I was working, the entire Store Team was awesome! It is my sincere hope that a company like Target will eventually DESTROY the dinosaur called Sears. Along with it will fall Kmart. All of you who are "cheerleaders" for Sears will find out what it's like being in the unemployment line.

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