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Updated 1 day ago

southwest airline hiring process? - 7036 Replies

They do a 10 year employment check. If you got fired from that job within 10 years they will find out. You should have mentioned in interview.

sol-123 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 10 days ago

South West Freight agent - 1 Reply

Hello, I previously had an phone interview with a southwest agent then a F2F 5 days later. I honestly thought that both interviews went really well...

kirstymom in Chicago, Illinois

Customer Service Agent at MDW OR OHARE

Good Morning, I was curious if anyone on here works at mdw where they have the CSA position open. Its still posted, which is not normal. Are they...

Tanarvis06 in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 22 days ago

Southwest Ramp Agent - 30 Replies

I just applied to a ramp agent position in Orlando, that was posted yesterday, June 22. I looked today, June 23, and it was taken off. I'm...

SimplyBeautiful in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 24 days ago

**Southwest Benefits** - 72 Replies

Do southwest employees get discounts on other airline carriers to fly International (Since they dont fly International? What about Domestic (example...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 2 months ago

Southwest Employee Free Travel Abuse - 1 Reply

Free travel is offered for employees and spouses, kids and parents correct? The employee adds these people on their account and I am told they can't...

2nd career in Colorado

Updated 2 months ago

When they say flexible schedule..THEY MEAN IT! - 13 Replies

Yes, they are a lot of perks..but you have to sacrifice a LOT for this job. When they say flexible schedule..THEY MEAN IT! If you are...

In Air in Bronx, New York

Updated 3 months ago

LGA Airport - 56 Replies

Has anyone appiled to the recent LGA ramp and customer service agent position posted this past friday ? (1-3-2014)

lopezalexd in Colorado Springs, Colorado


If I get this customer service job will I be able to reside in a crash pad throughout my probationary period? My permanent address is in the...

lopezalexd in Texas

Updated 3 months ago

New CSA rol lcall - 4 Replies

I have been following the hiring process forum but since I am hired now it really doesn't help much now. My biggest interest is who else is recently...

lisa99 in Springfield, Illinois

Updated 3 months ago

phone inerview - 8 Replies reading all the post makes me feel as if I will not get a f2f interview since i wasn't offered on the phone, but I felt the phone interview...

Jeramy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 3 months ago



DBMBDJ in Lexington, Kentucky

Average Yearly Salary Ramp Agent at SWA?

I know the hourly rate is not very high for new Ramp Agents with SWA, but I also read about a lot of overtime. Can someone tell me on average what...

Tanarvis06 in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

Customer Service Rep with Southwest - 15 Replies

I applied about 3 weeks ago for both part time and full time customer service positions in the airport. I was called last week except the recruiter...

Isa in Tacoma, Washington

Southwest Airline PAX hiring in SeaTac?

can anyone show me where I can apply for Passenger Service Agent at Southwest airline?

joyce joyce in DALLAS, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

Southwest Airlines Reservation Call Center in Phoenix - 13 Replies

Hi All, I interviewed at SW for the position of a reservtaion agent. I was called and offered the job after background check/drug test cleared. ...

mrnice79 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 months ago

Customer Service Rep Pittsburgh - 4 Replies

Hello! I just have a quick question. Today I saw that Southwest Airlines was hiring for Customer Service Rep in Pittsburgh. I applied immediately I...

mrnice79 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 months ago

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Applicants Roll-Call - 10 Replies

Has anyone applied for this great position of being a customer agent for southwest airlines? If so, what airport and when is your F2F interview?...

Leah in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

New Hire! - 22 Replies

Hi everybody! I had my f2f interview this past Wednesday and was sent an email with a contingent offer the very next day. I received and email from...

Joe T. in Manchester, New Hampshire

Updated 8 months ago

Training in Dallas (Ramp Agent) - 19 Replies

I'm going to be heading to Dallas, TX for a week of training later this month. I'm a part time ramp agent. What should I expect heading out there?...

John312 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 8 months ago

WN Hiring Process - 6 Replies

Did anybody get a phone interview for ONT? Or know what is going on? I applied a couple of weeks ago, received email, did phone interview. Phone...

nagnot in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 months ago

How To Pass the Phone Interview with SWA - 2 Replies

HELP! I've done a few phone interviews with different airlines, including Southwest. I can never pass the phone interviews. Any suggestions and/or...

Cory in Spring Grove, Illinois

Updated 10 months ago

southwest airlines ramp agent hiring process - 35 Replies

Two weeks ago today I interviewed for a southwest airlines ramp agent position. After the f2f interview I was asked to move forward in the hiring...

JoshuaO in Owings Mills, Maryland

Updated 11 months ago

Phone interview email help!!!!!! - 1 Reply

I need help my phone interview set-up email got deleted somehow. Can anyone tell me where I can send an email to confirm my phone interview to....

Chris in Downers Grove, Illinois

Updated 11 months ago

Phone interview questions - 5 Replies

Hi all! I got the email yesterday requesting the phone interview and so I am obviously excited! I do wonder though- are the recruiters okay with...

jaycarter in Austin, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

transfers - 2 Replies

Hello Hopefully ill be a sw employee soon!! (just waiting on call back) so once im hired and wanted to transfer to a different state or city how...

jay green in Virginia

Updated 13 months ago

Southwest / AirTran Integration Questions - 82 Replies

I figured it might not be a bad idea to start a thread dedicated to the AirTran integration and what it means for both incumbent and prospective...

jay green in Virginia

Updated 13 months ago

Southwest Training Dismissal - 7 Replies

12 years ago while in SW FA training, I was dismissed after one week of class for lateness. Due to lack of sleep (I'm sure) I mistakenly went to the...

WNguy in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 13 months ago

Unprofessional phone interviewers the norm??? - 8 Replies

My fiance applied for a ramp agent job. The listing closed the next day. Two days later he got an email saying respond by Monday at 5pm if you're...

CToy in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 17 months ago

Questions on How to get on with SWA - 11 Replies

Hello to everyone! I just applied for 2 jobs with SWA a week ago. One was a Ramp Agent and the other was a Operations Agent in Denver, Colorado. ...

Brendon in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Updated 17 months ago


Hello all! I am currently a High School Senior and am graduating may 31st (SO EXCITED). I was just wondering if any of you could answer a couple...


Updated 19 months ago

Customer Service/Flight Attendant....PLEASE HELP! Especially if you have or work for SW - 16 Replies

I need some honest answers...I a f2f interview coming up with SW this week for a CSA position...A flight attendant friend of mine referred me as a FA...

airlinebrat in Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Updated 19 months ago

City Codes - 2 Replies

As a Customer Service Agent what should I start studying? Does anyone have a listing of the current city codes?

Future swa employee in Orlando, Florida

Aircraft appearance technician

Hey everyone , So I applied for the aircraft appearance technician position at Orlando International. I was wondering if anyone can give me any...

sparklesim619 in Lakeside, California

Career at Airlines and Marijuana

Hi. This question might seem a little inappropriate, but I must ask. It has been my passion to work for an airline, and I have always wanted to be...

jshaquel in Cockeysville, Maryland

SWA customer service agent

hello, i filled out an application for swa customer service agent at bwi about 2 weeks ago they emailed me back yesterday asking me if i was still...

Love in Miami, Florida

Updated 27 months ago

I need help and information for reservationist customer service for SouthWest Airlines - 1 Reply

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can advise me on searching for a job as a reservationist/customer service. Or a call center for SW Airlines.

Brendon in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Updated 28 months ago

Customer Service Agent Questions! - 1 Reply

I recently had a phone interview for the part time CSA position in Chicago. The next day i was contacted to schedule a f2f interview on Monday! I am...

Michelle Fig in Ahwatukee, Arizona

Updated 28 months ago

Previously employed at swa...... - 5 Replies

I was previousy employed at swa for 5 yrs and was terminated in 2007 :( My grievance went all the way to arbitration but ultimately I was not...

Brendon in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Updated 29 months ago

Getting hired at any position in BNA! - 3 Replies

Hello all folks of this GREAT resource. I have been reading things here for a couple of weeks now and I have got a better idea on how to get through...

SgtsWifeTX in San Marcos, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

Customer Representative training - 1 Reply

I read that the training is 6 weeks. Is it paid or unpapid?

LovetoflyinDenver in Denver, Colorado

Updated 31 months ago

CSA at Denver International Airport (DIA) - 2 Replies

I applied in Denver for a CSA on Jan 16th 2012. How long does it usually take to hear something or receive the e-mail everybody talks about.

Ramprat in Dallas, Texas

Southwest at Dallas Tx

Will Southwest ever have openings in Dallas, Tx? I have been searching and wanting to get on with Southwest as a Ramper for the longest time now. The...

LindsayMarino in Houston, Texas

Getting Hired By Southwest Airlines - Houston/Hobby

Can anyone point me in the right direction, or at least tell me where to start trying to get on with Southwest Airlines in Houston? I have searched...

AllanwithanA in Temple, Texas

Updated 31 months ago

Southwest airlines Training - 1 Reply

Once hired for southwest as a cust agnt will you need to momorize the airline codes and all of the airline city codes during training?...

relentless in Chula Vista, California

southwest - scheduling procedure, flight benefits, training duration

I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions I have about Southwest. 1. How are the schedules done at SWA? -- I worked at SkyWest...

Christy in Pikesville, Maryland

Southwest Airline Hiring Process and Placement with Company

HI! I recently applied to a Southwest Airline Customer Service Agent Position. Just yesterday I received an email with opportunity to schedule a...

ramper in Orlando, Florida

Updated 36 months ago

SWA Health Insurance Info - 10 Replies

My husband is going to work for SWA we hope! He is waiting to hear back from his fingerprinting, and he already took his class for his SIDA badge. He...

Faith_chicago in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 36 months ago

June 26 class for call center in houston, tx - 1 Reply

Hello is there anyone on here who was suppose to be in the june 26 class for call center in houston. Im lost about whats going on. I haven't received...

shani in chicago in Gary, Indiana

Updated 36 months ago

Salary (Ramp - 2 Replies

I am moving forward with SouthWest as a full time ramp agent and was wondering if anyone new what a first year ramp agent will typically bring in, in...

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