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orozcoenrique in Los Angeles, California

Southwest Operations Agent

Hello, I have a phone interview this Monday morning with my recruiter, any information on how the hiring process is in the LAX area, I just keep...

Jon86 in O Fallon, Missouri

Updated 8 months ago

Official March 13th CSA Training Group! - 7 Replies

Hi everyone! I received my official enrollment email for the March 13th Customer Service Agent training in Dallas. Just wanted to see if anyone else...

Tiffany3344 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 9 months ago

F2F csr Southwest Airlines - 1 Reply

Had my f2f on nov 30th. Turned in my background. I thought the interview went very well. Interviewer left the room came back and asked me if I had...

max in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

App. Process - 5 Replies

I'm just wondering if anyone in the greater Nashville area has applied for a job within the last 2 years and what your process was? I applied on...

H2oh2oho in Kenner, Louisiana

Ramp Agent opening in Kenner, La (MSY)

Anyone here from SWA about job opening Jan 24th

Pioneer92 in Smyrna, Georgia

Are there any JWs attending Feb 27th class for SW?

If so, you can email me at

Lala in Antioch, Tennessee

Updated 9 months ago

Onboard training - 5 Replies

I got the email for the onboar training, how many classes do we need to do for CSR position, i have been having technical difficulties with adobe and...

Kim in Phoenix, Arizona

Phone interview

Ok so I'm seeing people say training is in Dallas....I just got a phone interview for Phoenix callcenter I wonder if training is in Phoenix or Dallas...

Kim in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 9 months ago

April / Dallas training - 51 Replies

Who else is going in April for customer service (call center ) training ? I'll be at the SAT location. I'd live to know some people ahead...


Updated 9 months ago

Training in Dallas - 2 Replies

I just got my job offer as a part-time CSR. They told me that I had to fly to Orlando but just for one day, then I would come back to BNA to train...

WAS in Rockville, Maryland

Hiring Freeze

I was applying for my SIDA badge last week and heard about a hiring freeze with SWA. Anyone else heard about this?

Chicago girl in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

WN Customer Service Agent Process - 10 Replies

Aloha everyone, I know how anxious I was going through this entire process. I was literally stalking this website just to see if I was crazy or if...

srowan in Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania

CSA Training

Hi everyone! I just got confirmation of my start date yesterday and I am super excited. I believe I have a month of training at my home airport PIT...

SLD1011 in Linden, New Jersey

Application and wait time

So I've applied for two positions, one for Operations back on the 6th of January, and another for part time ramp agent on He 24th of January as...

Lilgirl in Covington, Georgia

Updated 10 months ago

SWA Atlanta Georgia-DEC 8 2016 - 32 Replies

Did anyone who interviewed and filled out the background check forms and did drug test the same day received a call or email if they are going to the...

Jon86 in Saint Peters, Missouri

Updated 10 months ago

Transfering within the Company? Hard? - 1 Reply

Good Afternoon guys. I am in the process of being in the May 22nd class for CSR I am curious is it hard to transfer to different...

Jon86 in Saint Peters, Missouri

Updated 10 months ago

Southwest Airlines P/T vs F/T - 1 Reply

Can anyone tell me what the benefit would be in accepting a FT position instead of a PT position with SWA since the benefits look the same for either...

Pflores1121 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Hiring Process - 2 Replies

Hey everyone. I'm new here. I'm in the final stage of the hiring process. I have completed the interviews, drug test, and fingerprints. How long does...

Pflores1121 in San Antonio, Texas

F2F interview in SAT

I have myFf2F this afternoon, ive been researching on here, but this is my first post, will anyone else be there today for interviews? Position is...

Ben in San Antonio, Texas

Southwest Airline Internship

Anyone hear back from their internship application yet? I got an email saying that I haven't been denied and the process is still going until the...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 11 months ago

Issues with Sterling verifying my employment history - 5 Replies

I got an email from Sterling today asking for documentation on my current job and past job. They asked for w2's and/or paycheck stubs and/or tax...

fumbygirl in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 11 months ago

January 22nd Training Class - 2 Replies

Anyone here already been hired and told they would start training on January 22nd in Dallas??

Alfred Hamilton in Norcross, Georgia

SWA Hiring Process for Ramp Agent Part-Time

Hello All, Wanted to know if this was typical. I applied for Ramp Agent Part-Time on 11/5/2016. When I log into the SWA airport operations...

S in Hanover Park, Illinois

Southwest airlines flight attendant training & commuting

Does anyone know the official starting date of when training will be? Also, how does commuting work exactly...if i choose to commute from my home...

Taylor Lennen in Norwalk, California

Updated 11 months ago

Hiring process for airport positions - 7 Replies

Hey Has anyone gone through the interviewing process at the airport? I am intervening in St Louis on June 22nd and I just wondered how it goes? ...

Small in Imperial Beach, California

Phone interview question!

I got an email from southwest nov 1st asking me to complete a survey and then participate in a phone interview. I filled out the survey and have yet...

Gk in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

CSR Training Classes Dallas, TX 11/13/16 - 4 Replies

Anybody out there going to the 11/13/16 CSR training classes in Dallas? Haven't gotten any additional info after doing online orientation.

GK in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

Any CSA on here... - 11 Replies

I have a question my background check with Sterling has cleared but I have not heard anything from they wait until after our fingerprints...

Msgtairforce in Lenexa, Kansas

F2f csa interview Kansas city, MO

I had a f2f interview in kcmo on 18th Nov 16. At the end they stated it would be a week or maybe 2 before they made a decision. They didn't do any...

Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 12 months ago

Southwest app - 1 Reply

It's been almost a month and my dashboard still says received submission ...can anyone tell. E if this is good or what a timeframe to hear back about...

Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana

Applied in indy on Nov. 6th

I applied for the customer service position in indianapolis on November 6th the 1st day it posted. Still haven't heard anything no rejection or...

Jack31ie in Chicago, Georgia

Updated 12 months ago

Crashpads - 2 Replies

If I get this customer service job will I be able to reside in a crash pad throughout my probationary period? My permanent address is in the...

Matt in Bedford, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Southwest Airlines Background Check - 18 Replies

Ok, this may sound bad but before I put this employment down, I told the recruiter that I got paid cash and personal checks from my employer. I even...

Jax23 in Houston, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Recently let go - 9 Replies

I moved all the way to Los Angeles and took a position as a ramp agent. I recently went to Dallas and completed my training and everything. About a...

E in Tempe, Arizona

Dallas CS&S Training 11/13

I just recieved imy confirmation for the CS&S Training class in Dallas beginning on 11/13. I was hoping to find other people who will also be...

aknightsplan in Goleta, California

Updated 13 months ago

Southwest Airlines - Did I miss out on an opportunity? - 1 Reply

Recently I applied for the Ramp Agent position back on September 27th. Its has been well over 3 weeks now and have not gotten a call nor e-mail in...

JW in Tempe, Arizona

Dallas Training for Call Center

Has anyone finished their training in Dallas for the Call Center? If so, can you tell me how it went and what it consist of. Thank you

Angela in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Going to Dallas? - 6 Replies

Anyone else going to dallas for training in October, message me.

LesleyD in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

October 16th CSA class!! - 17 Replies

Hey everyone!! I wanted to start a group for those of us that'll be in the October class so that we can get to know each other prior to class! I'm...

Dan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 14 months ago

Southwest Career Website Dashboard not showing application? - 2 Replies

I just helped my wife apply for a job yesterday evening. I saw that the posting was removed this morning, and also confirmed that the application...

WaitingInSA in Houston, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

When are the scheduled training dates in Dallas, TX - 14 Replies

I am getting increasingly excited about the possible opportuty as a Customer Service Agent (OAK). I have completed my f2f and currently in the...

Sherunit in Chicago, Illinois

May applications

Has anyone on here applied at the Midway location in Chicago at the end of May and have not heard anything from Southwest yet? And for the CSA...

Tony in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Updated 14 months ago

Does anyone have any information on what exactly is a Station Administrator - 2 Replies

Hi I have an interview coming up for a Station Administrator... But to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what it is, or what I'll be doing. Would...

cre henderson in pompano beach, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

Background! - 9 Replies

Anyone interviewed and/or is employed with swa with a background? I have a disorderly conduct misdemeanor from 3 years ago. I have completed the...

WaitingInSA in San Antonio, Texas

Waiting process

(San Antonio) I finished the background process, just waiting now. Has anyone heard anything from sw yet?

Sandy in Texas

Flight Attendant

My application status to be a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines is still in preview stage... I completed it on August 11,2016 and received a...

Paradise in Grand Prairie, Texas

Coordinator in the People Dept

Does anyone have any insight on the coordinator position in the people dept? The req was only up for two days, not sure why so short of a time. Any...

Sega in Las vegas, California

Updated 14 months ago

Relocation services - 1 Reply

Does southwest help you with relocation if you're a new hire?

happyandfree in Denver, Colorado

Job Application 10 year background check

Hello! So currently I am filling out the 10 year background check for SWA, I just have a few questions. It says it wants my 10 year work history...

ABC123 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Availability - 6 Replies

Hi, I was curious about everyone's availability. I understand we have to have open availability due to the OT, voluntary and mandatory OT (which I do...

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