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Brendon in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

64 months ago

Hello all!

I am currently a High School Senior and am graduating may 31st (SO EXCITED). I was just wondering if any of you could answer a couple of questions that I have about getting into Southwest!!

1) When a job posts up and says "interviewing local candidates only" I understand what they means but what I dont understand is when is says something like "Southwest Airlines will accept your job bid for the Baltimore Inflight Supervisor I position only if you are currently a resident of Maryland or can provide established residency in the state of Maryland." what I am confused on is can I still apply if I live in Michigan assuming that is only says the above state and not the "interviewing local candidates only"??? I am willing to move to where the job would be at then I plan on doing a transfer to Orlando and start my flight training to be a pilot!! (HMMM WHAT AIRLINE DO I WANT TO WORK FOR????) LOL

2) Also could I start applying for jobs now because I am less that 1 month away from getting my High School Diploma.

3) Is there any tips that you can give me on the interview. I am very nervious about the interview aspect of it because I have only had 2 jobs 1 at McDonalds and another at a local resturant that my former boss from McDonalds had bought, so I havnt really been to any real interviews. I know 1 thing that I am reading is to be myself and I plan on doing that :).

4) Also besides just being myself can you offer any advice on how to get NOTICED through the 800 others trying to apply!!

Thank you all for any help and can't wait to be a co-workers of any Southwest Airlines Worker.

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Secure123 in West Hartford, Connecticut

53 months ago

There's a few issues here. Firstly age. They usually don't inflight staff unless you are over 21.

With no airline experience, they might call for a phone interview, but after it, you will probably never hear back. Recruiters here are often trained to be heartless and just regurgitate your resume on the phone. They'll ask nothing that on how your experience relates to the job and they call hundreds of people just to weed them out. They do interview a lot of people who apply to "keep people happy" even if they are not qualified, giving them false hopes.

When I applied, if your house was not within 15 minutes of the airport and you did not live in state, you were not getting hired.

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Brendon in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

53 months ago

Hey Secure123,

Thanks for your reply. I was actually not wanting to go inflight but using that as an example, but I still do appreciate your answer. I have actually moved to Tennessee since I originally posted this and I am trying to get on-board at Southwest in Nashville. I currently work at FedEx as a package handler and have been there for almost 6 months now so I am hoping that Southwest will see that as experience at least with the physical side of things.

I want to be a operations agent because my understanding of the job is that they have to work close with the pilots and me wanting to be a pilot that would be the coolest job there for me, but I would take anything I can get just to get myself in the door.

If you don't mind answering what kind of things will they ask on the phone interview, because even now I still really have not done a real interview, Fedex is a joke when it comes to interviewing, if you have a pulse you get a job there. But more specifically what will they ask about my resume.

And also if you don't mind me asking, do you work for Southwest?

Im just really wanting to go to a company where I could see myself working there for life (I cant see that at FedEx), and since I want to be a pilot this is something that I want to do so I can start to meet the pilots and other people at Southwest. I also want this position so when I do become a pilot for Southwest I will have even more respect for the people the dirty jobs and don't get recognized for it.

Thanks a bunch in advance!!

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