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Eberezow in Cedar Park, Texas

52 months ago

I am moving forward with SouthWest as a full time ramp agent and was wondering if anyone new what a first year ramp agent will typically bring in, in terms of income? This is a dream job for me but the salary seems quite a bit less. Not sure if I can afford to take the position. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

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John in Chicago, Illinois

52 months ago

Your first year you'll gross about $2,500 a month. That's a loose estimate based on being issued mandatory overtime 1 time per week. Depending on which station you're at it will vary. If you're at a winter weather station, you might very well be given mandatory overtime 3-5 times per week and in that case you'll make over $4,000 a month.

Your first year (between the first and 6 month step averaged) your hourly pay is $10.71. Times 8 = $86 per day. Times 11 (days in a pay period) = $942. Times 2 (pay periods in a month) = $1,885. But with mandatory overtime (which is a staple of all first year employees) you're payed at a rate of double time. Assuming you work even 1 mandatory shift a week that's $21.42 x 8 = $171. Times 2 for the pay period = $343, and $685 extra per month. Add another $685 per month per mandatory shift worked per week.

And then there's voluntary overtime which is time and a half for the first 4 and double time for the second 4 hours. You can figure your own formula for that ;)

There's plenty of earning potential on the ramp at Southwest even at step 1. And it only gets better as you move up the scale.

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shani in chicago in Gary, Indiana

51 months ago

hey john. I'm in the same boat too. I interviewed for chicago's customer care rep over at the business center. The pay is very low for chicago. You know our cost of living is crazy. Do they have the opportunity for overtime? And does the union offer decent wage increases? Also how often are the increases given out? I want the job but I'm not to comfortable with the pay.

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