Southwest Training Dismissal

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flygirl in Gwynn Oak, Maryland

38 months ago

12 years ago while in SW FA training, I was dismissed after one week of class for lateness. Due to lack of sleep (I'm sure) I mistakenly went to the "wrong class". After I realized it, I ran as fast as I could to my correct class;but the door locked a second before I got there. About a week after I was home I received a letter from SW stating that I could never apply for ANY position with their company. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and do you think if it would matter if I sent a letter to HR or called to see if their policy was still the same?

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ramper in Orlando, Florida

38 months ago

Wow that was harsh. Just reapply and see what happens.

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flygirl in Gwynn Oak, Maryland

38 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion. I will.

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skyblueeyes03 in Northern, New Jersey

33 months ago

I worked for UA back in the 80's. when I quit, I didnt give them 2 weeks notice. I had applied to CO (before the merger) for a position and it took them 6 months to send me an e-mail that I was not hireable. I say go for it, but you have to be prepaired they might reply that you are not hireable.

Good luck!!

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30 months ago

I wouldn't hold my breathe!
I did work for swa 7 yrs as a flight attendant, then gave notice and thought I did everything correctly.
Just recently reapplied and put down that I used to work for them, was given a phone interview, invited to a group and one on one, then 5 WEEKS later get an email saying sorry we won't rehire you.

In addition, my BEST friend was their 15 years gave notice to leave and did everything properly . Was given the same run around interviews wasted his time only to here same thing!

Swa apparently does NOT like to rehire former employees ... Neither one of us had attendance issues, just the opposite I was 7+ points, we both had dozens of yearly commendations ... I always got glowing check rides and ghost rides as well....
The only negitive thing in my file for 7 years was a notice that once I wore tan instead of brown shoes to work after my first year.

SWA has lost its way in my opinion, it ain't herbs airline NO MORE....

Very very sad indeed

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super doo

23 months ago

That last comment is so odd!
I had a similar experience as a former wn employee.
However, I know so folks who left and came back.
I could be that whatever position you applied for was not a good fit.
The job market is super competative.

I personally would LUV to return to work at swa.
I applied once since I left and was turned down for that job.
But I will apply again when I see something else.
I just have in my opinion the swa attitude!
It is such a super FUN place to work. Dont get me wrong they WILL work you hard. But like I say, I fit right in because I LUV the work that I did.

If you want to be rehired, then you have to reapply. Do not give up, show them that you are serious about returning.

I always heard them say and pratice " the golden rule ". IF you do to I believe it will show.

As for swa losing its way. NO, but some people do not like change. In order to stay in business that is exactly what any successful business has to do. Its a reality.

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super doo

23 months ago

Duh, color me blonde

I had a friend that was kicked out of inflight training, was told he could not return to swa.
Years later he applied for ramp and I think his love for swa really showed, but he was turned down. Then he applied again in another City but this time was rehired.
Within 2-3 months he tranfered to ops. After his 1 hr he waited for inflight to open up , reapplied
Was at first told no, called headquarters and asked why. He just let his Southwest spirit shine, he was allowed info Training and has been a fa ever since

I think if you want it badly enough, show the interviews ehh you want it and dont take no for an answer , I have seen swa give a second chance. But I have also seen how hard those Lucky enough to get one had to work for it.

I think all the effort really pays off. I am hoping to show my Southwest Spirit again and again until I get another chance.....

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jay green in Virginia

22 months ago

I've heard of 2 emps returning n also transferring from one dept to another so I guess it's just a case by case bases... n let's be honest most ppl won't post the 100 percent complete scenerio most leave out the dark sides to their emp file... just my opinion n I'm a happy emp

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