Southwest interview

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Deon B in North Miami Beach, Florida

56 months ago

Hi Folks, I have an interview with SWA tomorrow(9/24/2010) at 9am. I am soooo nervous. It is a part-time customer service position here in Fort Lauderdale. Any one else attending? I applied for the ramp also, if I don't get the customer service job...does anyone know if they will still call me later for the ramp? I really want this job...SWA is a great company to work for....anyhow...let's see what happens. Thanks and wish me luck!!

chueppchen in West Palm Beach, Florida

56 months ago

Hey Deon, I just had my interview today in Ftl. It went well but you never really know. Did you have a panel interview? Did they say anything to you about when they will contact you? I was told in 2 weeks!

Deon B in North Miami Beach, Florida

56 months ago

Hi chueppchen. I did have a panel interview...however they did not say anything about when they would contact you interviewed for customer service also?....wish you luck.

sunshine3200 in bakersfield, California

54 months ago

Can someone tell me what the F2F interview is like for Southwest Customer Service Ticket Agent please! Thanks!

sunshine3200 in San Diego, California

53 months ago

Any update on how training was conducted to those of you who got the job?

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