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Taylor Nicholson in City of Industry, California

55 months ago

I was on unemployment and Spherion accused me of not reporting back to them after an assignment in a timely manner. They use another company, I think it is called TALX Corporation that keeps track of people and Spherion needs to enter in the information into this system. Otherwise they can cut off your unemployment claim. I have all paperwork to prove that I kept in contact with my office every two weeks. Although Spherion is telling me otherwise. Now I have to go to court to get my unemployment claim reinstated.

Has anyone had this happen to them, or is it only my Spherion office here at City of Industry, CA?

kyle d in Ottawa, Ohio

48 months ago

About 15-20 spherion employees including myself were recently laid off from the company spherion placed us at, after the lay-off many of us filed for unemployment but only to get denied, why? Because spherion just happened to say that we all just got up and quit. Now is that how a business is supposed to be ran? What happened to spherion being dedicated to their workforce? Totally unacceptable.

jrachellew in Houston, Texas

45 months ago

yea, my hearing is soon. they denied me for the same reason but luckily i saved my phone records.

Ester Prystupa in California

45 months ago

jrachellew in Houston, Texas said: yea, my hearing is soon. they denied me for the same reason but luckily i saved my phone records.

====Happen to me===I was hired at UCLA-LAX via Spherion -Westwood-to cover for an employee on maternity leave, (never I was told that the assigment will be for 2 months) but at the end of the assigment I was told to go home, and then reported to EDD that I quit...4 months waiting for the hearing... finally I got my insurance, but I rather have a job....

Ester Prystupa in California

32 months ago



12 months ago

I worked for Spherion which is now Randstad staffing for about 1 year and was let go. I received unemployment and now they provided some document stating that if you are released you need to contact their office within 24 hours. They just typed that in and typed my signature. Do you know how I can obtain my new hire paperwork? My hearing is May 20,2014, or were you asked to sign such a document?

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