Recieved an interview at Sprint a week after applying... Now what?

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ProXPro in Tennessee

80 months ago

I went to an interview on Monday, and was explained that the manager wasnt available to interview me and that I would be interviewed by someone else(the person that explained). I felt the interview went great. My interviewer was friendly and seemed interested. She asked for a resume so I handed in 2 copies along with reference list. She told me the manager would be back wednesday(today) and gave me his business card. During the night of my interview I sent a thank you letter to his email that showed my appreciation, interest, and qualities. Today I called the store to follow up again but was told that he was with a customer so I was asked to leave my name and number.

I would really want opinions on this situation. I'm really interested in this job plus it complements what I major in. I am also new to applying for such a large company so I don't know what expect. Your advice is appreciated :)

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