Staples Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Staples?

What do you like best about working at Staples? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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oscar in El Centro, California

110 months ago

saleries su(k, bonuses su(k now.. they didnt use to su(k, benefits su(k, travel su(ks (doing for 3 months for them).

i use to like working for them, now their money hungry and they su(k, no great perks or special treats........

and thats being honest.....

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shadow in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

105 months ago

These to decriptions are entirely accurate.Staples says they are customer service,but certainly do not practise what they preach.Every time I go into a staples store there is no one around to help,or there is 1 person covering many departments.Managers seem to stand and up front and do nothing.Shelves are always empty.District managers and upper management walk around the store talking on phones without acknowledging customers.If this is customer service staples will go the way of Lechmere!!

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gj3924 in detroit metro, Michigan

95 months ago

I had my first interview with them today for an operations manager.
the recruiter told me that job pays 48k with 10% bonus opprotunity plus full benifits.

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mollypdole in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

84 months ago

Maybe it's different for full-time, but working part time is lousy. Part-time scheduling at Staples is the worst, a NIGHTMARE. It changes every week - don't bother telling them when you can't work, they don't listen. 10 hours one week, 30 the next, and NO, NO predictability at all, ever. They expect you to be do all this, and be available from 9 to 9 EVERY day all for roughly $8/hr.

This way of scheduling is just bad business, it helps Staples keep costs down. If you're not at 20 hours/week consistently, there's benefits you're just not eligible for.

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Dani in Prescott, Arizona

59 months ago

The first part I think might be just that store. Scheduling is at the branch location.

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icouldcareless in Minot, North Dakota

52 months ago

you get paid minimum wage when you start. Federal is $7.25 for part time. it's the same, depending where you are. For full time, it's like $10.00 an hour for starting. Their pay is terrible. and to think Walmart was supposed to be bad to work for. my friend had gotten fired from Staples, got a job at Walmart, he's making $1 more/hour and doing 1/4 of the work.

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