I have an upcoming phone interview with Stryker for a position that I had not applied for and am not interested in.

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nb_jobseeker in solon, Ohio

86 months ago


Can anyone advice me on what to do. I had applied for a position in Ortho division of Stryker but they want to interview me for an altogether different position in different division and at different location. Should I go ahead and tell the HR about my interest in the different position at the begining of interview or should I wait until the interview is over or should i not mention this atall. HR said this is going to be just a personal interview to know me better. IF i pass this interview do you think they will consider me for the position i had originally applied for ?

Please help !

BadgerBall in Minneapolis, Minnesota

86 months ago

if you pass it up, it's a major negative. Stryker isn't going to invest in you if you aren't willing to go wherever they need you.

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