What's the company culture at Stryker?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Stryker?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Stryker?

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Lawrence in Livingston, New Jersey

112 months ago

This is a stuck up company to work for and that is the majority opinion on that subject. I worked for them as a consulant for 2 months and walked out beause of the cocky and disrespectful attitude of some of its employees. They have no clue as to what they want in an employee and always seem to manage to find the wrong sort of people. If you have other options I would exercise them or just use this place as a temporary layover.

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Sterifill_5_mL in Louisville, Colorado

105 months ago

I have spoken w/these folks many times, both in the pre-Stryker (aka Osteonics-Allendale) and Stryker-Mahwah era. I guess for lack of better words they come across as 'pompous.' I recall extreme bitterness and resentment of the former Pfizer/Howmedica folks who got taken over and relo'd. They were not happy campers. I recall getting belittled and literally 'cut down' during an interview by a long term, high level, woman manager in the organization. I questioned why I was invited in for an interview in the first place. The impression I got was that she wasn't interested in filling the position and had tons of free time on her hands to play games with potential candidates.

This organization is an odd cookie, it has me puzzled. The culture seems abrasive a bit.

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afelixa in New York, United States minor outlying islands

105 months ago

Can you please email me any questions for Gallup test that you found troubling. I am interviewing with them next week as well.

e-mail: mfgdomain@gmail.com


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Goj in Sydney, Australia

50 months ago

It is just awful. In my career, I have never seen so many unprofessional, childish, and obnoxious people packed into the one room. It's not just a 'cultural thing' - it easily borders on discrimination at best, and fits within the scope of unlawful discrimination at worst. I can tell you from experience that during the recruitment process they will treat you like royalty, but the moment you start...well, just be prepared. How do I start? My team were full of people who hated each other - two publically, and then two others against my manager (one of whom was my at my level - quote 'he is the big pig - oink oink and I take his job'). The training was simply woeful. My manager was unapproachable, mumbled continuously, had some serious personality issues, possessed basically no people skills and no teaching skills, attempted to be as intimidating as he could, and was parodied around the office by others (oh and his discriminatory comments about others in the office - from a gender, religious, and sexual orientation based perspective were truly gobsmacking). The rumor mongering was terrific as well - stories as to 'who hated who' and 'who is trying to bring you down' were wonderful to hear. As I said, I have never seen anything like it - and I sincerely hope I never do again. I suppose the benefit of working in a place like that is that it makes you appreciate the other places you work at - I have now moved on, have a normal workplace, and a normal manager. After the Stryker experience, you certainly gain a new sense of appreciation.

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Newly ex Stryker (yay!!) in Sydney, Australia

43 months ago

working at Stryker in Sydney is like having cancer. It is the worst work place you will ever come across. Politics...politics...politics...not about talent...the corruption is rife - hr willfully turn a blind eye to it all...do not go their under ANY circumstances

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Newly ex Stryker (yay!!) in Sydney, Australia

43 months ago

I just saw the post above mine ! From Sydney also yes descrimination is terrible -heard homophobic and gender comments - heard a member of staff being called a 'potential back door man' (ie gay) why is nothing done about this? What is going on so that hr don't do anything? Also layoffs - I quit before - I hear they kept the same people who were causing problems! Good peeps were told to go and many good peeps they were. It was politics who saved the trouble makers . Those doors to Stryker - do not walk through them!!

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AJW in Narrabeen, Australia

38 months ago

appreciate the above comments. also from the office above that was mentioned. There have been very serious problems there with severe bullying and discrimination, more than what is allowed under workplace laws. The whistling at girls, and sexist comments as well as homophobic comment and comments to keep people from a team all happened quite a lot (for example inviting everyone apart from one person to lunch or to a lunchtime game). More disturbingly though were the comments from some managers (one mainly) about others - this one manager in particular was quite offensive (acted like a child actually) and made comments about my gender and about my young child. Also this person has corrupted the idea of what a 'stryker person' was and had decided that a stryker person was just like this manager and that anyone with a different personality either was a threat to the manager, or 'just didn't fit in' (manager was also quite frightened of a young female member of staff - and successfully pushed her out of the company). did whatever the manager could to undermine and was like a chameleon - just changing colour - fooling so many at the top with 'efficiency' - which was usually the work of others. people there hated this manager and hate the manager still i hear, but the manager was protected by people more senior who turned a blind eye. sufice to say the department had a woeful score in happiness - noone wanted to stay there and this manager was the cause of massive turnover - i would imagine the manager cost the company a great amount of money in rehiring and retraining (and I would imagine one day in defending the company against workplace legal action). Which leads me to my next point....Goj (above)....I would be interested to know who you are.

I would suggest to the head office that you do a fine audit of the exit interviews at this particular office. Why did so many people leave?
Why did one particular office get such a bad name in the marketplace in its area?

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TY in Sydney, Australia

37 months ago

I have been working in the Sydney Stryker office for a number of years in a number of different departments
and personally, I really like it at Stryker. I’ve generally found the people here to be intelligent, driven, committed and interesting. The managers I’ve worked for have been supportive and helpful and the teams I’ve worked with have been great! It's easily the best company I've worked for so far in my career.

So I'm genuinely shocked at some of the comments above. Stryker is not a perfect workplace (no such thing), but my positive experiences at Stryker far outweigh the negative experiences, and the positive comments I hear from colleagues also far outweigh the negative ones.

That said there isn’t anywhere to hide at Stryker. The expectations are high and people build close relationships with their co-workers. It’s extremely difficult to just cruise by not doing your share and hoping to slip under the radar. Like every other company Stryker culture is unique and just like every other company there will be highly engaged, happy employees and others who aren’t so much.

It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach that applies to Stryker. You can’t say ‘I hated it there so you will too and so will everyone else’. Or even ‘I love it at Stryker, so you will too and so will everyone else.’ Whether someone loves it or hates it here and whether their experience is a positive or negative one depends entirely on them, their motivators, what they’re looking for, their attitude, whether they want everything handed to them on a silver platter or if they’ve got enough gumption to seek things out for themselves, how they act and their work ethic. So explore it for yourself and make up your own mind.

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CR in Sydney, Australia

37 months ago

As a long-time Stryker employee, both in the US and currently in Sydney, I was shocked to read a few postings regarding the work place in Sydney. So shocking that I personally would question the validity of said comments. Look, there is no such thing as the perfect work environment, but the culture at Stryker is something that we are extremely proud of and all take pride being associated with one of the top medical device manufactures in the world.

My background is sales, both as a rep and manager, and it is obvious that we hire extremely talented and driven people. The teams are made up of highly competitive individuals that love to be part of a team and to represent market leading products that help improve the lives of patients worldwide. I will be the first to admit, that culture is not for everyone, which is fine. But the fact that Stryker was recently named one of Fortune’s Top 100 companies to work for (ranked #61), probably means the comments made here should be taking in context.

As for working in Sydney, I have not witnessed any of the actions outlined above and question the honesty of the accusations. The Sydney office is no different than any other across the world. We have policies in place that create a professional work place and Stryker is simply a company of high ethics and morals. I have worked for two other large medical device companies and without question, Stryker has the leadership, vision and culture that is unique and special.

The Sydney office is filled with quality people that strive to do their best. If working for one of the best medical device companies in the world interests you, then I say come on board and you will enjoy the ride.

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DAF in Sydney, Australia

35 months ago

TY/CR, i work in the sydney office and I actually believe the other comments, there was one team that was foul (it had an incredibly high turnover) because of the behaviour. the team reorganised because of some behaviour and i think things improved once hr worked out what was happening and things have been a lot better i hear. obviously mentioning names is inappropriate (also illegal!) but can i say the behaviour was absolutely disgraceful, it should have been turned into a case because it was so discriminatory, it was all kept hush hush however. maybe the people above are just venting a bit - just because you didn't see what happened doesn't mean it didn't happen.

The irony is that i question your validity and honesty - you know why? Because you're just repeating Stryker branding in your response. We all know those lines. Also - TY and CR post at the same time & have similar writing styles. Coincidence?

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DAF in Sydney, Australia

35 months ago

Sorry, just in parting TY/CR, there are many other posts about sydney office on other websites. youd better hurry up and respond to those too otherwise people may start to get wrong idea about Stryker! hate to say it but people with all this 'online stuff' people are really starting to speak out.

What people are too afraid to say in the office because of office politics they sure will say online.

(Oh, and before you ask...yes I am actively looking for another job. And for the second question you were going to ask, the reason im doing this not because im trying to do something for myself, rather i believe the truth will set you free. I'm not into offices that pretend things dont happen. people should be aware).

Sorry for the lack of punctuation and upper case - been one of those days....

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Sammy (not my real name) in Cremorne, Australia

34 months ago

DAF + 1. I am a current Stryker employee in the same office, have been there for a little while now and think I have made a huge mistake.The Fortune thing is for show - do not be fooled by appearance. They sadly do not walk the talk at all. It was interesting reading about the other comments, see the thing is that Stryker spend so much time talking about what they think they are (in their minds at least) they forget to keep a close eye on themselves. Its kind of like someone going around telling everyone else how great they are as people - they are so busy talking about themselves and are so arrogant in their dealings they don't realise everyone else thinks they stink and want to keep away from them. The irony of the previous comments is people do fly under the radar all the time as they are favoured by others...it may be 'oh that's just (inserts someone's name)...you have to get used to them' even though they wreck team morale. It's a case of 'find a friend', because you need someone to watch your back at all times. Sadly it seems as though in hiring 'competitive' people, they have hired so many people who lack empathy and who have aggression issues. Like people who are bouncing off the walls and literally screaming for attention but not people who work within a sophisticated team. Also I do have to agree that the 'pro' stryker comments just used their standard marketing and HR speak, it was almost like they got someone to write it for them.

I would not recommend that place by any means, and I'm giving it a few more months then I'm outta here. No the angry people are not those who 'did not work out', they are usually successful people who are smart enough and have the decency strength of character and the empathy to realise that it is a toxic environment where productivity is constantly lost through bickering, backstabbing, quiet discrimination and lack of training. If you want proof, just look at the turnover, it is sky high and I know many wanting to leave.

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Not giving my name in Brookvale, Australia

33 months ago

Have to agree with Sammys comments. Turnover is very very high (by far the highest of any company I have worked for), and behaviour is just ridiculous. Depressing dark dingy office with a depressing dark dingy culture marred by backstabbing, finger pointing, childish behaviour, and self interest.

+1 as well

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Django in Eastwood, Australia

32 months ago

another +1. seems as though this survey has become a good outlet for pple wanting to tell what they REALLY think. i got out and you should too.

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Joseph in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

31 months ago

I worked for Stryker for 5 years, both in a US office and in Sydney. I had a former work colleague email me a link to this to ask my thoughts and I can't help but add to it.

Sorry Stryker, but the Sydney office is in a very good poor state. Hiring practices are a joke,and managers have an ability tto frequently hire the wrong person for a role. What makes someone good for a role is their ability, not whether you personally like them. There is a lot of cronyism with many managers who perform badly being favored. I was there a few years ago and saw a manager go through so many staff members because of his poor people management and bullying style yet nothing was done. He blamed others and took their credit. The responsible party obviously had personality issues which were so obvious yet he was left in charge of a department and ran it into the ground. Sadly little if anything was done to punish him. I saw another manager who would verbally abuse other members of staff with personal taunts yet was favored. Contrast this to the US offices and the distinction is clear as Stryker in the US is about running a tight ship where all take reaponsibility however Australia is about the good old boy network.

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oldstrykerrep in Spring Hill, Tennessee

30 months ago

To the above poster commenting about Sydney. I have also witnessed similar behaviors here in the U.S.

The company rewards bully's and gets rid of good, hard working reps. They reward the managers who play along in teaming up against someone they are trying to get rid of.
I have seen managers work very hard at setting someone up to get rid of them. I have seen H.R. team up with the territory manager when they are trying to get rid of someone, I have seen them lie, steal from, and intimidate reps when they are trying to make their life so miserable they will quit.
It is definitely the good old boy network here. I have seen top reps, who have spoken up for truth, get bullied out or have their numbers manipulated so that it would appear they were not making quota, so that they could get rid of them and or they would leave.It is the way the whole company does business, not just in a few areas, it is corporate wide.

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oldstrykerrep in Spring Hill, Tennessee

30 months ago

CR above, commented that Stryker is a high ethics and moral company. Have you read through the past 6 years of lawsuits by the SEC / FDA / DOJ on Stryker? Have you read all of the lawsuits on some of the more recent acquisitions ? The SSS division? Stryker Hip? and a few others that were shut down and discontinued due to lawsuits? Moral and Ethical?

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Django in Eastwood, Australia

30 months ago

For anyone who is interested in working for Stryker, you will get some more opinions about the company, and many insights at:


This website gives many insights about the Australian operations, as you will see complaints go back into history and are not just from burnt reps who didn't work out in the last few months. i would say to anyone wanting to work in Stryker that they should consider these reviews and also the very high turnover.

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medical recruiter in Sydney, Australia

28 months ago

They tend to recruit most positions themselves now. Want to know why? Because many recruiters wont touch them. They had very very serious problems from around 2010 on in this neck of the woods and it makes me curious to read the above as particular managers were named to me as causing big problems. Also their probation pass rate is low. Just beware all, their name is mud on the recruiting scene.

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Specialist Recruiter in Sydney, Australia

27 months ago

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the previous comment from the Medical recruiter in Sydney.
Every recruiter is trying to work with Stryker, it's just that they can't all get in.
I have been recruiting for Stryker across Australia/NZ now for some time and really enjoy working with them.
I totally agree that they are not easy to recruit for, but, that is because they are selective on who they want in their business - just like any successful company.
The experience can be a difficult one and can leave people unhappy but that's because of the extended and thorough process.
I know that the majority of the people I have placed into the Business have really enjoyed working there and most are still there.
Yes, they like competitive high achievers, but who doesn't?

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Stella in Earlwood, Australia

27 months ago

Specialist recruiter ... you make me laugh,'most are still there'...yeah that's right buddy just dig a little deeper. Maybe you should trust the feedback of staff rather than what their hr tells you

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Rory in Cranbourne, Australia

27 months ago

It's all over bad Australia wide. Australia has big staffing issues. They just hire rough and insecure people.

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SLA in Los Angeles, California

26 months ago

I was pretty far along in the hiring process for an associate position in Los Angeles. I had done very well on all my interviews, passed the gallup interview and was lined up to meet the team so I could "get started right away". This all happened over the course of a month or so. They then called me to arrange for me to meet the team the next evening. It happened to be a Jewish holiday and being observant, I could not answer there call and did not receive the message until 1.5 days later (missing the time they wanted to meet me). I called them back as soon as I got the voicemail, extremely apologetic! I told them it was a Jewish holiday and I was observant which meant I didnt use the phone on the holiday. I asked to please reschedule the team meeting and he said "yeah, no problem, let me call you back with another time." Never heard from him again. I called and emailed to follow up and never received a response. Considering how much they loved me up until that point and all the talk of wanting me to start right away, I can only assume that they were not interested in working with an Orthodox Jew regardless of my fantastic sales and medical background. That was the first time I ever experienced discrimination in a professional setting for being Jewish.

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shaul in Melbourne, Australia

26 months ago

Its a real burn n churn attitude with not many staying long term, I started in aust ops in 2012 and lots arrived and then left soon after with avg stage being 3 months for a lot of new starters. Its an incredibly harsh work environment with a lot of misbehaviour sad to say, lots of people being protected (one manager in aussie ops went thru so many staff) and was allowed to stay. I prob wpuld not recommend, its not like other work places.

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An internal perspective.... in Jannali, Australia

14 months ago

Wow, someone mentioned this thread from work. I jumped on as I hoped they were exaggerating. I am so sorry that these people have had bad experiences at Stryker. I hope they have gone on to new things, and perhaps have found personal growth from what sounds like tough times.

My experience at Stryker has been as follows:
1. The bar is high
I get to work with the most talented people that I have ever worked with. I worked at the Big Four and a massive FMCG before this. The talent I get to be around day in day out is better at Stryker. It makes me better learning from and being pushed by great people

2. Development, Development, Development
I get more personal and career development at Stryker than anywhere I have ever worked. I now limit how much of the development that I tell my friends and family about as I feel bad that I get more (and better) in a year than they get in 3 years.

3. You can't hide at Stryker.
Stryker is a performance orientated culture. Poor performers get found out as alot is expected of teams and no team can carry someone.

4. Its very hard to get in
I have put people forward that I know are good that can't get through Gallup. When I truly reflect on it, they weren't amazing. Know upfront that getting a job at Stryker is very very difficult (I reckon 1 in 100 would fit / cut it here). You have to be very very good at what you do. You have to be very driven. You have to fit.

I hope this helps. For those of you that had bad experiences I hope things have worked out for you. Its not for everyone. There are easier businesses to work in (recruit for). For me it was the best career move I have ever made. I strongly recommend Stryker.

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Happy Londoner in Sydney in Australia

14 months ago

I started at Stryker in Sydney 8 years ago on my second day of living in Sydney.

On my first day I got ready in my mixed dorm at a popular Sydney backpackers and headed in for the start of a 3 month contract... and I am still here!

Since then I've had a year off to go travelling with my now husband, and am just about to go off on my second mat leave to have baby girl number 2 - and then I will be very happily coming back to Stryker.

Stryker may not be for everyone but it is for me - I get challenged every day and love working with lots of talented colleagues. They have been great about me juggling a family with work, and both being pregnant and going on mat leave has never stopped me from being developed and getting great opportunities.

If it doesn't end up being the place for you that is fine, but if it is the place for you you will grow and prosper.

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Debbie Wainwright in Mahwah, New Jersey

8 months ago

I work at Stryker Mahwah as a manager, and it's the best company I've ever worked at. The pay is good, they match up to 11% on the 401k, they offer up to $15,000 per year in education benefits, and they have a top-notch cafeteria and gym on site. Because you have to pass the Gallup test to work there, most of the employees are hard working team players, and the company has an energetic, fast-paced environment.

Compared to other medical device and pharma company, the level of bureaucracy here is much lower, and there aren't a lot a regulatory compliance issues. Work life balance is pretty reasonable in most departments, and it's possible to be promoted quickly. Although I love it at Stryker, I know some people there who are unhappy, and I think there are two reasons why the company gets a lot of negative reviews on discussion boards.

(1) They don't fit in. Stryker isn't like Medtronic, J&J, BD, or a lot of other companies where you get all types of personalities. At Stryker, many of the employees come from a military or highly athletic background, and fitting in is critical. Employees often eat meals together, go to happy hours after work, and the company encourages workplace friendships. Bluntly speaking, if you don't like that culture, or if you don't like socializing with your coworkers, you will not like working at Stryker.

(2) They have a lousy manager or department. From what I've seen in my years working in Mahwah, 60% of departments are very good, 30% are decent, and 10% are bad. Unfortunately, there are some groups with bully-like managers or which are non-performance-oriented. Why they are allowed to function like this is beyond me, but one good thing is that after a year in a given role, you can transfer fairly easily to a new group.

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Curious in Australia

7 months ago

Can anyone working in the Sydney office advise whether Stryker still has a bad rep?

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HD in Sydney, Australia

7 months ago

I am also interested if it's still a bad place to work. If so, are all departments affected, if not, which departments are the bad ones?

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working At SSP in Quakers Hill, Australia

1 month ago

like every place their is the good and the bad.

I just happen to work for a very bad/abusive manager who causes me much stress

all departments are understaffed.

people will accuse or suspect you of not pulling your weight even through our are going above and beyond. they don't care if you have responsibilities outside of work.

your win's aren't celebrated unless they are massive.

they suck at recruiting. retention rate is very low.

people who shouldn't work their- get through the intense screening process, people who should- don't.

your boss will give you KPI's that are unattainable and that means little or no bonus that you agreed to when being offered your contract. (sneaky) they can't even explain to you how your mathematically supposed to achieve your KPI's

very toxic environment but you do get the odd good person who works there.

some of these old timers have to go they are old school and are supper unhelpful as managers.

the most reactionary corporation I have ever seen. they will put you on a guilt trip over everything that goes wrong and is beyond your control.

They need to grow up.

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