Subway Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Subway?

What do you like best about working at Subway? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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illyria in Supply, North Carolina

90 months ago

You recieve minimum wage. It's $7.25 an hour. Bonuses? You get to have a free 6" sub for lunch..and you can eat a cookie or two. The best thing about Subway, in my opinion is that you get to eat for free, and the work is not too difficult (once you get in the swing of things). How happy you are at the job depends mostly on two things. One: Friendly and competent co-workers. Two: you're okay with earning minimum wage.
If you're looking to move in to management, you'll have to dedicate at least 4 years or so to the job (and of course you have to be good at it). I'm pretty sure the manager earns more, but I don't know the figure.
It's a good enviroment and a good start up job for just out of highschool kids (like me). Now, about the customers.....

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siyrarawac in waco, Texas

41 months ago

I've worked for subway for several years and I would not recommend it. They start you out at minimum wage and tell you that if you do a few online classes that your pay can be bumped up to $8 in a week. It's a nice incentive but the programs they use for those classes cause most computers to crash so it takes forever to finish them and then it takes them a couple of weeks to put your raise into effect and they will constantly cut your hours or pay and hope you won't notice. If you're lucky enough to be considered full time you get the option to have health and dental but only 1 or 2 people per store are allowed to get over 28 hours. Most the managers are lazy and rely to heavily on their full time workers to point they quit and the few managers that are decent the big bosses treat like crap. The company cares more about their numbers then their employees so they will run as few people as possible per shift. Even during an overnight shift in an dangerous area they will only allow one person to work and tell them to lock the door to the back room and keep as little money in the register as possible. You don't really get to have a break no matter how long you work. They say you can take 15 min to eat a sandwich but if you're there by yourself you barely get a chance to go to the bathroom let alone sit down and eat for 15 min. The managers also make you risk your job and safety of the customers by lying on the forms where we are suppose to check the temperature of the foods. If the temperature is too high meaning bacteria is growing in the food they tell you to put down on the paper that the temperature was within range but do nothing else. If you refuse they threaten you with a write up that could cause you to lose your job. All in all I say subway is a horrible place to work the only upside for job seekers is that they hire anyone so if you can't find a job anywhere else they will hire you no problem but be prepared for nothing but problems.

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