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95 months ago

They are mostly about image. don't be overweight. No matter how good you are, they won't hire you. Don't believe me? Try it!

Disappointed in Farmingdale, New Jersey

93 months ago

disappointed said: They are mostly about image. don't be overweight. No matter how good you are, they won't hire you. Don't believe me? Try it!

I think you are correct in your assumption..

annoyed in Mineola, Texas

93 months ago

You are so right! My brother is a police officer and he "broke the news" to me gently. It's all about image at Sunrise! If your image does not "fit" you are not in.
What a shame, for the seniors, they miss out on a lot of genuine love!

I say we stage a "sit-on"!! Haha! On to better things!

God Rocks!

Charlie in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

93 months ago

Who would want to be loved by fat people?

Charlie in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

93 months ago

Seriously though what you have to be aware of is that us old folks grew up in an era when a fat person was considered to be a disgusting person. You can't very well expect some person 90 years old to want to be around you adn none of us would trust you because we were taught that fat people are all over-eaters and don't have the the discipline to run their lives properly.

Not everybody my age believes that but many do and especially the ones old enough to be in assisted living places.

Sorry, but it is true. A matter of culture shock for the oldsters.

Leeann in Fort Worth, Texas

93 months ago

disappointed said: They are mostly about image. don't be overweight. No matter how good you are, they won't hire you. Don't believe me? Try it!

I am a petite 250 pounds and enjoyed working for Sunrise. And as a regional hiring manager, someones "looks" were never a consideration by me. OK, so I didn't like tats and piercings but if the person was great, we would work together to determine a way cover these questionable choices.

I am sorry you guys had this experience, I assure you that the company as a whole does not feel that way!

stacy in Kansas City, Missouri

93 months ago

So much for "image". Too bad the elder folks can't see past a person's body. I thought it was the "baby boomers" and their sometimes uppity attitude that have these ideas that heavy people are less than ideal. What ever happened to looking into a persons heart, love, commitment and dedication. How shallow to be so snotty! Just because someone is overweight does not mean they don't do a good job or should be thought of as less than perfect. I know some downright skinney people working at Sunrise that have zilch for personality and care very little about what is most important and that is the real person living inside the body. Lets get real here and talk about the management hiring people for the right reasons not just for looks. Sunrise should take a good look at some of their management in these places and I don't mean body image either. They look at the residents as dollar signs and the elder the last time I checked are not real crazy about being taken advantage of in this respect. No sincere thought of giving the residents what they were promised. It's just bring them in with lies about what they will receive in services. The care givers - heavy or thin do all the work that make these administrators look good because they are devoted to the resident's well being not just the bottom line. The care givers are constantly taken advantage of with little pay, over worked with hardly any help but still manage to put on a smile for the residents. They have an almost impossible job of doing what they were hired to do as they get dumpted on and blamed for everything. Family members are leary to complain to management about anything because they know it will be taken out on the care givers and it very often is through no fault to their own but a cover-up to make management look good. So, PLEASE lets get the attention away from fat vs thin and begin to run at least one of the facilities I know of in a professional manner via management.

lawrance in Los Angeles, California

93 months ago

not really based on what i saw they hire old people some of them is heavy set as in heavy set

corrie frye in West Chester, Ohio

91 months ago

I could not disagree anymore. I work at Sunrise Assisted loving and I feel it has Nothing to do with your image or looks to be hired on,only exception is maybe if you appear dirty as you dont shower...brush your hair...nor your teeth..or just dont take care of yourself.... i mean honestly how can you wash someone and help them with all their needs if you cant help your self with your own? About the weight issue,there are a few over weight people at the Sunrise I am at and they are lovly people who work hard,that is why they have their job. I'm sorry you feel your weight or image was to blame for you not being hired,maybe you didnt fit the position in other ways,maybe you should find something eles to blame it on..just not your weight. could have been anything. To assume is not the right thing to do.

NoNoNo in Louisiana

82 months ago

I have to agree that from my experience this company does not only hire thin or slimmer people. I have been to several of the homes while travelling and there are many heavyset or overweight on both the Assisted Living and Reminiscence floors. And, seriously, why not hire heavyset people who are capable and caring. Trust me, they are needed with some of the residents in some homes that would break your back when trying to transport or turn them even with two people. Its true that they are all about image and money, money, money, and they also know that to get that money mone money from those heavy, heavy residents, they must hire muscle.

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