Help! Not sure what to do here...

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Jason S. in Mountain View, California

15 months ago

Hey there. I recently applied with T-Mobile for a Corporate Retail Sales position. The first interview went OK but didn't hear anything for 2 1/2 weeks (Manager went on vacation). Called him and he arranged an interview next day with another Store Manager. Killed that interview and even got a reference from an Assistant Manager I know. Talked to the original Manager whom I'll be working for and he said I got the job pending a background check. Now, I had applied to multiple positions and he told me since I took the assessment for the one position I didnt get I wont have to take it for the other jobs I applied I did get. Long story short the status still shows as assessment needed and I havent received the email for the background check he said I was to receive. Its been two days. Does it usually take this long? Do I have to take the assessment again? I really want this job but should I wait it out or contact him? What should I do? Thanks for the help.

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