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David in Springfield, Missouri

108 months ago

if you read the classifieds regularly you will see the same positions advertised over and over....if they are such a great company why such turnover??

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Mr. M in Linden, New Jersey

108 months ago

Actually, there isn't such high turnover at T-Mobile. I used to work for them and their style is that they hire internally for any position higher than customer rep. They have an intiative to have 90%+ internal promotions. So in order to accomplish this and at the same time comply with HR policies they have to make their job postings available to general public however, they never reply back because they already know who will fill this position ahead of time. To them they post the jobs as a formality. They know they are not going to hire anyone externally except reps.

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warhamer in Gilbert, Arizona

91 months ago


While employed I've seen more people come and go at all level then I've ever seen at any other company. Rule of thumb, get hired at t-mobile, start looking for a new job.

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T-Mobile Employee in Meridian, Idaho

91 months ago

Our attrition rate runs around 2.5% per month and much of that is voluntary because customer service is not for everyone. It's the kind of job that will make you or break you. Although the reps actually only work with maybe 2-3 truly difficult customers a day, many people will make personal attacks just to get under the person's skin and try to abuse the person into giving them what they want.
I admit that as a company we do have opportunities, but we take our feedback and truly consider what the customer wants. We can't always fix everything, and there is the consumer accountability peice that customers often time fail to consider. Ultimately, we will continue to improve but in the end there will always be turnover.

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