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spock9 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

100 months ago

This is funny! I was a manager @ AT&T / Cingular and I want to tell you of my experiences with CWA which is the union that represents to workers there.
First of all you’re not going to make anymore monies than the “union “and the “company” will agree to in a contract. So you not going to make any or a whole lot more money than you making now based on what I have read on this forum. There are no individual raises. Each year you are evaluated on your performance but it will have NOTHING to do with your income.
Every thing will be based on your seniority EVERY THING.
Let me give you an example of how things won’t change much. I had a sales rep who was also a “shop steward” for the stores in my area. She had over 10 years with the company so she was the most senior person in the store which had about 11 sales people. The current contract stated clearly how work schedules were to be chosen monthly 2 weeks @ a time and the schedules were generated by a program that used excel each full time sales rep would get 40 hours no more and would never have 2 identical weeks in a row. So her previous manager chose to disregard this rule and gave her a nice cushy schedule of 9am to 4:30 every week with out working weekends. So when I started to do the schedule correctly she wasn’t very happy she had to scramble to find a day care for her 5 year old that was open after 5pm and needed someone to watch her child on the week ends. She wanted to file a grievance with the union however the union told her she CAN”T file a grievance against the written contract!

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spock9 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

100 months ago

Let me give you another example. The store hours are from 9am until 9pm sales rep “A” is scheduled to work from 9am until 5pm Sales rep “B” calls out from his shift that was 1:30 pm until 9:30 pm. Guess what sales rep “A” is also the lowest ranked in seniority has to stay and work if the manager cant find a volunteer to cover for sales rep “B”.
I could go on and on about this the fact of the matter is things won’t change much except for the fact that a wall will be created between you and your boss. This might be fine, if you’re on an assembly line building cars. However in sales it stifles good sales people from becoming better.

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warhamer in Gilbert, Arizona

91 months ago

make sure you understand what happens to those who join a union...... They have and will shut down that division in your market and simply outsource it. Unions where great 40 years ago, now with right to work/at will states poping up everywhere they no longer have any power. Case inpoint you won't find any unions at a toyota plant buth they are destroying GM and Ford

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HappyIdaho in Boise, Idaho

81 months ago

My two cents, the reason unionization has become difficult because of so called "right to work" statutes in many states, this is the reason unions are not as viable an option for the working person. Same reason this economy is headed to the toilet. Corporate America has sold out and consumers and employees are too desperate to do anything about it. Until that desperation turns to violence, which it will if published unemployment reaches 20%.

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