What's the company culture at T-Mobile?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at T-Mobile?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at T-Mobile?

C.S. in Pleasant Grove, Utah

97 months ago

It is not jeans and t-shirt, it is their uniform/shirts with dress slacks or dockers. The culture is and has changed over the years and is now moving away from the friendly mom and pop feel to a traditional retail feel; get the sales or get out. They are in the process of getting rid of people right now by offering a severance package to those that no longer fit their mold.

0 in Springfield, Missouri

94 months ago

Call Centers reps get to wear anything they feel like as long as it isn't "seen through, looked down, or looked up". I have worn jeans, t-shirts, and shorts.

Junada Akthar in London, United Kingdom

91 months ago

What is the working environment like? What style of business is it?

Jen Y in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

88 months ago

My team (at one of the call centers) gets together once a week for breakfast at denny's (we work evenings), we can dress down as mentioned above (call center wide unless you are in a supervisory position) and fun is encouraged... as long as it's not interfering with you or your colleagues' work.

warhamer in Gilbert, Arizona

77 months ago

don't forget the required color for both your nose and lips, standard issue brown. Thiers also the addition of the dress code requiring a knife sticking visable in your back....

Contrary to what is advertised their is no real team work @ t-mobile. While thier are great people working here most of the time they are so busy trying not to be a victim of backstabing and gossip that they don't stop to help others out.

Bottom Line, has the potential to be "great place to work", But it has way to many bad apples in key positions for this to happen.

HappyIdaho in Boise, Idaho

67 months ago

Specific to the call center parts of T-Mobile.
Two words-- Expect Change.
Meaning, there isn't any real culture there, just whims of whatever is happening... oh my goodness we just lost 70K net customer Q3 and freak out and hire people to over staff so that next year we can lay people off!!
Oh yeah, they expect their new change of lowering rate plans will increase call volumes for long periods, but it wont. Maybe for the final Q4.

So forecast culture change Q1 thru Q2 2010, no hiring allowed and using attrition to get rid of excess employees which is always oddly percentiled by the company to indicate 2% when in reality they lose 50 to 60% just like any meat grinding call center.

If economy is bad, expect attrition to me more like 30-40% and they will then Q3 2010 Q4 2010 pick a center or more to dismantle.
Yeah, that's an example. Oh an they may decide in Q4 2010 as your center is scheduled to be laid off, to not lay that center off, but a different center.

Am expecting to get a message reply from meridian. He has it hard for the company.

HappyIdaho in Boise, Idaho

67 months ago

If his meridian sugar coating isn't sweet enough for you, I suggest you take peptobismol for you're fire in the belly you'll know what that is once you work their... or that may change too by then. And you'll do fine if you like roller coasters.
As you can tell, I didn't like working for Tmobile and no I was not on any corrective action of any kind nor have been. But am employed else where. If you want sleeplessness nights that will haunt you even after quitting, go for it. It was was good company back from '04 '07, but since 08-09 it went down hill quick.

Deegurl in Lincoln City, Oregon

60 months ago

In the call center here in Oregon people were dressed in jeans, old tennis shoes and hooded sweatshirts which I found out is their normal dress code. The place was actually pretty stuck up and rude to people coming in for orientation and after I had left from my interview I decided no way in heck I wanted to ever work there.

crystal in Saint Louis, Missouri

55 months ago

How long is the call center training class? I have heard three and eight weeks?

crystal in Saint Louis, Missouri

55 months ago

How long are the call center training classes? I have heard three and eight weeks.

Boone in Denver, Colorado

55 months ago

Be prepared to be constantly monitored at every level, systems, cameras, coaches and sr.s just walking in and pluggin in "to monitor" why your call is so long.They have strict metrics and if you don't follow them your out.

sick of the pink T in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

51 months ago

IF you are looking for stress, get a job at Tmobile. Yes, I know EVERY job is stressful but to an extent. The have no structure as far as coachings and write ups, it's up to the manager so start kissing ass now. Get in with the cliq otherwise your are walking around with a fire me sign. It would be a decent paying job with nice benefits, especially the discounted employee lines, HOWEVER you will be brainwashed, stressed and be expected to perform the impossible. The stats change all the time, it is now sales and apparently upper management in under pressure BAD> guess who that trickles down to? YOU. More like pour then trickle actually. You could be the very best at balancing all metrics, they WILL find something wrong. This is not the "positive feedback so you can grow " either. Who you have as your coach is more important then what schedule you pick because it will determine whether you have a chance or not. You will have some managers ringing bells in your ear about sales, at the same time telling you you are not finishing calls fast enough. I've seen it all and seen people break down. NOTHING NICE! It is NOT a BEST PLACE TO PERFORM. It' a place where you do your best and it's not good enough even when all your metrics are green, it's a place where people tell pregnant women they cannot use the bathroom and to "hold it" , its a place that tells you if you missed your break because you were on a call you should skip your break otherwise you don't meet compliance *no this is NOT legal but it will be said to you more then once starting from training* its a place where you feel like anyday now you will get walked out no matter how good you do, the longer your there the more risk because they could easily hire someone for less to be "happier" about the job..this ofcouse is because they don't know what they just signed up for. THE ONLY THING that was good is my employee discount, the shyt I learned *bad and good* and the fact that my resume says TMOBILE>

sick of the pink T in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

51 months ago

HappyIdaho in Boise, Idaho said: . And you'll do fine if you like roller coasters.

well put!

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