The truth About T-mobile

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altJ in Ringgold, Georgia

54 months ago

For anyone expecting a pity party or some crazy-bitter, half-cocked rant about how horrible the company, the work environment, or anything else regarding T-Mobile's employment is... turn away now...

To start with, in retort to the other posts about the lack of training: I can guarantee you that the training staff are more than equipped to get you a massive amount of information with such little time.. Unfortunately our society has become accustomed to emotionally and intelligently shutting down and expecting amazing feedback/results after doing so. Apparently "common sense" just isn't that common anymI have personally seen some of, if not the best, teaching/training/coaching out there. Including on college campuses. College? Yeah. College.

Remember what you are getting paid upwards of 16 $ an hour to do..
See the people bitching in all of the posts below this one? You get that all day. People who no matter the circumstance, compensation, or apology, can ever be appeased. Have fun finding a job that actually teaches you skills you'll actually use every day. Bad economy or not

Granted, it isn't for everyone. Some policies can contradict the Customer Service title that you carry.. (not often). Long'ish hours with nights and weekends to boot.

But really people, don't let some disgruntled 40 year old kid scare you away from picking a place to work your way to a successful company tree... Just because they can't handle It (or comprehend) , doesn't mean you'll feel the same.

Currently making about 15.20 $ an/hr on average with bonuses included.. Also every 2 weeks I get 5.5 hours paid off. Medical benefits are the best in state hands down.
(Already being prepped for advancement/responsibilities and ive only been there 8 months)
You definitely get out... what you put in here.

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Seraph23 in Goose Creek, South Carolina

52 months ago

Completely agree with everything you just said. I am currently a CSR at a T-mo call center. Its hard work, but you're paid for the work. I currently work a 4x10 (11 hrs a day (1 hour unpaid lunch) and for 4 days (Friday through Monday) and get 3 days off a week (Tuesday-Thursday)) Not to mention you have bonus potential of up to $1000 PER MONTH. Thats an extra 12k in your bank if you work hard enough.

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