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Updated 2 months ago


Looks like the "Dr Rosen" quote was over 12 years ago, so some slack in incorprated into the following sentiment. Complete, utter, idiocy when...


Updated 3 months ago

TEKsystems Health Insurance a SCAM!! - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lisa DePasquale in Oxford, Massachusetts"]I need help. I had an online interview with Heather Puryear from Tek Systems. I need to know or...


Updated 3 months ago

Teksystems - BS, fraud - 9 Replies

'Heather Puryear' has a LI profile, but no info on it. THAT is a red flag when it comes to TEK employees. Their ego would encourage a full and...


Updated 6 months ago

Bad Experience - 44 Replies

I applied through TekSystems for a couple of jobs on their website and their response or help was less than useless. I am aware that I don't have...

Charles Lease

Tek Systems is TERRIBLE

Wow. I thought their Maryland office was terrible until I had an interview with Shareif Alvarez for a job with Apple. He was very young (maybe 18)...


Updated 7 months ago

Worst job I've ever had. - Las Vegas Via Austi Parkway - 1 Reply

Centurylink not embarq sorry :)

IT Staffing Sales Pro

Updated 7 months ago

Teksystems lies - 37 Replies

My post has not addressed telling job seekers about temp jobs flipping to permanent after 6 months. Trying to fool a job seeker into taking a...

MotorcycleSoftwareGuy in Hillsboro, Oregon

Updated 10 months ago

Portland Oregon TEKsytems - 1 Reply

I found what they make per contract on my job and others. I am working on a federal site so the information is public. On the average they make 50%...

Will in West Palm Beach, Florida

First experience is a bad experience.

I got a call from TEKsystems. I call back and I talk to a nice lady, give her my background details, experience, etc. She says I'll get an email with...

summer31 in Naperville, Illinois

Recruiter Salary at TEKsystems

I was wondering if someone could give me information on what the starting salary is for the recruiting/management trainee position and if its...


Updated 14 months ago

What's the company culture at TEKsystems? - 53 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at TEKsystems? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 17 months ago

tek systems employment verification? - 1 Reply

I was a w-2 contractor with Tek Systems in 2007. How do I get employment verification? I should be in their computers. I gave the 800- phone number...

CulturaMinds in Plano, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

What is up w/my HIRING DATE?!?!?!! - 5 Replies

Problem: I was offered a contract job w/TEK, they wanted me to start the following Wednesday, didn't happen. Point being, my hiring date has been...

MITUL PARIKH in Freeport, New York

Updated 23 months ago

TekSystems, KForce Sucks !! - 11 Replies

I have applied jobs for them many time and no reply. They don't email me back and do not respond. Click on the job description and get a location and...

commentor in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Updated 25 months ago

Most dishonest - 13 Replies

I worked with Teksystems here in Austin for a few months. They are an obnoxiously dishonest company. I'm not too worried about most of you...

spacepower in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 33 months ago

TekSystems is a good company - 1 Reply

Hello, I can understand everyones frustration. Trust me, I have been through some cheating and lying companies that all end with coms or this or...

bdubbu in Anderson, South Carolina

Updated 40 months ago

Payment - 6 Replies

Hi consultants, Could you please suggest me how to get the payment from a vendor. This guy is holding part of the payments saying that the client...

ITContractor in United Kingdom

Updated 41 months ago

TEKsystems News and Happenings. - 16 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

MountainManCan in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

TEKsystems, K-Force, & Experis Benefits

I'm looking around a few companies to find a position and one main concern i have is what kind of benefits they offer. I'm sure the higher you get...

Will in Memphis, Tennessee

Recruiter at Teksystems?

I am considering taking a position at teksystems as a recruiter. I was wondering if there is anyone here who has had experience with this position...

I-Win in Fountain Valley, California

TEKsystems got me a Full-Time Perm job with another company!

TEKsystems only sought me out after they felt they had a job opportunity that matched my skills. I met with them, went on my interviews and waahla! ...

tired in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

TEK Systems Cuts Your Pay - 6 Replies

I worked for TEK Systems, for a cell phone company, for almost 3 years. No raises, no vacation, no sick days. THEN...they just cut my pay $5000.00....

tired in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

How to get a job at TEKsystems. - 16 Replies

Do you work at TEKsystems? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Tekcraptems in Goose Creek, South Carolina

Updated 51 months ago

Never work for TEKsystems Tampa, FL - 21 Replies

Do not ever work for TEKsystems of Tampa, FL Dennis, Marsha, and Tyler will lie and do what ever they can to miss lead you. I have never been treated...

Tekcraptems in Goose Creek, South Carolina

Updated 51 months ago

Teksystems in NJ or Plymouth Meeting, PA - 5 Replies

Does any one have feedback on the Teksystems office in Plymouth Meeting, PA or in placing people in Central New Jersey?

Woody in El Paso, Texas

Updated 55 months ago

reward - 2 Replies

Does Teksystems reward financially anyone connecting them to a client? I recently connected Teksystems Toronto with a high profile client, without...

Ella Vated in Los Angeles, California

Updated 57 months ago

Bad mouthing - 13 Replies

I worked for TEK systems for about Six months. After I was laid off. When a company would call to verify employment they would state I was fired or I...

Glen Nelson in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 67 months ago

Teksystems / SAIC / NIH - Class Action Lawsuit in DC - 4 Replies

Okay... everyone keeps complaining about the games recruiters play, but what are you willing to do about it? Why not simply band together and fight...

Marianna in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

TEKsystems Ft. Lauderdale

A joke. Posting same ads for years. Recruiters (RC) do not respond once they have your resume. Total fraud in South Florida.

johnsdoe in Orlando, Florida

Updated 71 months ago

Looking for opinions on internal TekSystems recruiting jobs - 5 Replies

I have a second interview scheduled with TekSystems to be a technical recruiter. I am looking for people who work there/have worked there to give me...

TEK Hater in Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

Don't use TEKSystems in Columbus Ohio - 2 Replies

Applied through tek systems for a job that I was definately qualified for. In the beginning they were very responsive. Then I met with my account...

blackberry in Syracuse, New York

Updated 81 months ago


I posted a comment on an earlier discussion concerning TekSystems and I feel the need to reiterate on my experience to provide at least a string of...

cougarville in York, Pennsylvania

Problems w/ TEKsystems?

Before I begin, I will say that I have had absolutely wonderful experiences working as a TEKsystems contractor. The reason for this is that I am a...

bjcs in Annapolis, Maryland

Updated 84 months ago

How do I get out of wasting my time meeting with these companies? - 4 Replies

Ok, here's the situation: I'm contacted by a recruiter about a job that I'm qualified for, the pay and benefits sound reasonable, and everything is...

Sick of the bullcrap in Hartsdale, New York

Updated 85 months ago

htc global services - 1 Reply

Hi, can anyone pls let me know about htc global services. Is it a good company to work with? What about the benefits they promise at the time of...

E v in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 88 months ago

TEKsystems Canada - 4 Replies

Hi, Any feedback about the operations of TEKsystems in Canada? I received a mail from them stating certain pre conditions for employment such as...

Careerboy in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 89 months ago

Just another name??? - 27 Replies

Here's another great central Ohio head hunting firm. I haven't had to burn any vacation time to have a face to face with this one yet, but have had a...

FedUp in Chicago, Illinois


Is there anyone out there that can give us there experiences with Teksystems in Chicago? Mine was deplorable! Terribly managed, horrible recruiters...

Griper No Griping in Des Moines, Iowa

Updated 93 months ago

Shallow Promises - 1 Reply

Don't believe anything they tell you, until they actually get you an interview. If they cannot find you a job within two weeks of your inquiry,...

Bsctwalters in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Updated 94 months ago

Placement Scorecard - All Recruiters. - 9 Replies

Fellow IT Professionals: Please respond to this thread and name the Recruiting Agency that successfully placed you and what rate and duration. I'm...

layoffman in Powder Springs, Georgia

Cegedim Dendrite

Hello I am looking for 10 Hardware technicians for a position in Duluth, Ga. Laptop configuration...QA, etc. please note if you are A+...

Get on the Train

Updated 94 months ago

TEKMARK Refuses to pay expenses and then tells you that your contract has ended - 2 Replies

Just sat no to Tekmark!! No matter how desprate you are Tekmark will make it worse. Stay away from FRANK P in New Jersey and Jan J. I have had bad...

Steve Rowe in Newark, Delaware

Updated 95 months ago

Recruiters posting low IT pay - 8 Replies

I am so tired of seeing these recruiting companies posting very technical jobs at $15 to 20/hr and $30K to 40K per year. What experienced IT person...

Squires in Clifton, Virginia

Updated 97 months ago

KFORCE - 2 Replies

I got a lot of work from Kforce in the 1990's. My account manager would meet with all of the developers in the SW MI area, buy us lunch, bring us...

Tom in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 97 months ago

they do cheat - 2 Replies

first they (Dallas guys) have told me one hourly rate, but when I am about to join, they have offered me a reduced rate ... leeches.

Gail F in Brockton, Massachusetts

Updated 98 months ago

TEKSystems is A-OK by me - 1 Reply

I've been working for Tek Systems for around 5 months now. I just separate from the Air Force and they found me. In the 5 months that I have worked...

TheMatrixDuck in Brentwood, California

Updated 100 months ago

TEKsystems Interview Questions. - 3 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Irritated in Springfield, Missouri

Updated 100 months ago

TEKsystems Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 1 Reply

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at TEKsystems? What do you like best about working at...

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