Problems w/ TEKsystems?

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cougarville in York, Pennsylvania

116 months ago

Before I begin, I will say that I have had absolutely wonderful experiences working as a TEKsystems contractor. The reason for this is that I am a go-getter and I make sure that I understand as much as possible about the things that effect my life the most.

Reading a lot on this forum, I've noticed several things. People are very bitter, and angry that their needs haven't been met. It's understandable because this deals directly with their money. But, let's stop and consider something a little more... real.

If you understand the fact that every company is flawed, you will be prepared to accept YOUR... --==YOUR==-- responsibility regarding your career and cash flow.

The contractors at TEKsystems are customers, and they pay TEKsystems with their time. If your server (recruiter) doesn't help you out, then speak to their manager. It's just that simple. Seriously.

Remember, kids, we must accept that companies are made up of humans. Humans are flawed, therefore, all companies are flawed. Again, with that in mind...

It is -your- responsibility to be educated on the processes surrounding your career. Not to pop off ignorantly because you feel slighted.

When all is said & done, you must take a look in the mirror.

For those that are so quick to complain and moan about a company on a blog that very few people read....

Have you ever stopped to think that, maybe... just maybe... you are not a good employee? That, perhaps, you don't READ the contract you are given to SIGN? That you do not ask questions or follow the procedures you are given to follow?

oh, for goodness sake, NO! You couldn't POSSIBLY be flawed...
... and it's always someone elses fault.

Yeah, I can definitely see why someone else would want to hire you.

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